Graduate Student Health Insurance

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Student Health Insurance Plan

Over the last year, Ashleigh Hope (2016-2017 Student Health Insurance Policy Committee graduate student representative) and Amy Shaw (2017-2018 Student Health Insurance Policy Committee graduate student representative), worked to get additional information and clarifications about the graduate student health insurance. Ashleigh and Amy were able to reflect the views of the student body by presenting concerns and feedback that GSC gathered in our 2016 Graduate Student Perspectives Survey. Through this process, we are able to ensure that any changes in the health insurance plan will be driven by student feedback. 
We were also able to learn a significant amount about student health insurance in general. This has been summarized in a Frequently Asked Questions Document and in Presentation Format.


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Further Advocacy:

So that we can continue to proactively address a wider range of student concerns about our health insurance, GSC and Dean Wallace will continue collecting information about student experiences. Feel free to email


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