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The Graduate Student Council Co-Sponsorship Program
Information and ‘How To’ for Participating in This Program

Program Description



The Graduate Student Council (GSC) at Vanderbilt University strives to serve the graduate school students. GSC interfaces with the university administration, holds social events, and provides funding for the many entertainment opportunities that the Nashville, TN community has to offer. In an attempt to further serve the community, the GSC is beginning a Co-Sponsorship program. The goal of the program is to provide graduate school students with the financial resources required to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. These ideas might involve: service opportunities (i.e. renting a van to bring students to a volunteer event); inviting speakers to campus; funding charitable events; or implementing an environmentally conscious alternative to current practices (i.e. starting a ride-share program with bicycles on campus to prevent people from driving from one end of the campus to another). The ideas, of course, are not limited to this list. Feel free to be creative. The main requirement is that the funds must be used in a way that could potentially benefit all graduate school students. Beyond that, almost any idea is on the table! Additionally, by taking advantage of the Co-Sponsorship Program, your event will automatically be publicized through the GSC meetings, website, and emails.

Program Guidelines

  • GSC co-sponsorship applications must be submitted three weeks before the date of the event
  • A single event can only receive a maximum co-sponorship of $500
  • A GSC co-sponsorship will not fund more than half of an event
  • For any GSC co-sponsored event, donation cannot be made mandatory
  • GSC should not be the sole advertiser of your event but will include your event in the monthly newsletter
  • GSC must be listed as a co-sponsor on Anchor Link and any additional advertisement for the event
  • If GSC co-sponsors your event, an evaluation form must be filled out no more than two weeks after your event

The Process

In order to receive a GSC Co-Sponsorship, the following guidelines must be followed by the petitioning group. If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to

  1. The funds must be used in a way that could potentially benefit all graduate school students. In the case of an on-campus event, the event must be open to all graduate students.
  2. The sponsored program must acknowledge the GSC. As is expected from most any organization sponsoring an event, we hope that this program will spread awareness of the GSC throughout the graduate school community. Therefore, we ask that you acknowledge our co-sponsorship program as part of executing your proposal.
  3. If you’d like to manage your own funds, you need a Vanderbilt financial account (Center Number). In order for the GSC to transfer funds for your proposal, we need a recognized Vanderbilt account to transfer the money to. If your organization doesn’t have a center number, then the GSC will have to handle the purchases you require with the money you’ve requested.
  4. The sponsored organization must complete a GSC Co-Sponsorship Application. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Your application must be reviewed before the proposed event occurs for it to be eligible.
  5. The GSC Co-Sponsorship Application must include a complete line-by-line expected budget. This should be as detailed as possible. A detailed and fine-grained budget demonstrates that the organization has done a lot of the legwork involved in planning for program. This allows the GSC officers to feel more comfortable allocating money toward your cause. A final budget will be required after your event.
  6. A member of your organization should be prepared to meet with the GSC Funding Committee. This will allow those in charge of allocating funds to get a better idea of your program, and it will also give you an opportunity to sell your program to us. In the case of disagreements, we may be able to use that time to make compromises about your proposal such that we can fund it.

Co-sponsorship Application