Grad Student Appreciation!

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Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Grad School is Hard.
A small act can be enough to brighten a day.
Lift up your friends in a positive way!
To spread a little extra TLC,
a motivational gift is key!
GSC’s got you covered, we have assembled this kit.
It’s got happy thoughts and sayings – You’ll love it.
Print the quotes, cut them out, read our tips.
Meet your peeps, give this gift, build friendships!

Instructions for assembling Motivational Quotes Kit:

1) Print off the sheet of motivational quotes at this link.
PRO TIP – Print sayings on colored or fancy paper.
2) Cut out each quote so you have strips of paper with quotes on them.
3) Fold or roll up each strip or paper. You can get creative here!
PRO TIP – Fold the strips into hearts, stars, or triangles using these easy origami techniques!
here is one
here is another!
and a third!
4) Buy or decorate a small container.
PRO TIP – upcycled mason jars and tin cans work well. Here are some container ideas:
here is one
here is another!
and a third!
5) Fill container with folded quotes.
6) Make someone’s day!