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Nominations for positions on the Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year are now open. Feel free to nominate yourself, or to recruit your friends! Elections will be held mid-April. The nomination form is here: Google Form.

There are 14 places on the Exec Board, and they cover a wide variety of skill sets and time commitments. So if you’d like to get involved, there’s definitely a place for you!

Open Positions:

  • PRESIDENT: Presides over Executive Board and General Body meetings. Is primary contact-point for the administration and attends a lot of meetings with higher-ups. High time-commitment.
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Maintains the list of department representatives so we know who our voting members are. Fills in for President upon request.
  • STUDENT LIFE LIAISON: Is the primary advocate for graduate student well-being, and spearheads GSC initiatives to improve things for students. Talks to both students and administrators. Check out current initiatives. High time-commitment.
  • TREASURER: Is responsible for keeping track of the GSC budget and maintaining a balanced account. Is also co-chair of the AcFee graduate student subcommittee.
  • SECRETARY: Takes minutes at Executive Board and General Body meetings, maintains slide deck for General Body meetings, and orders food for both. Creates and distributes the monthly GSC newsletter.
  • VP OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS (x2): Organize 3-Minute-Thesis and preside over GSC travel grants, as well as any other academic initiatives they want to start.
  • VP OF COMMUNITY AFFAIRS (x2): Spearhead GSC community service efforts, including Pen Pals with a Purpose and sponsoring a team for the Shade Tree Trot.
  • VP OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS (x2): Plan and throw GSC-sponsored social events, including tailgates and quarterly socials.
  • VP OF PUBLIC RELATIONS: a.k.a. webmaster. Responsible for keeping the GSC website and social media up-to-date.
  • HONOR COUNCIL PRESIDENT: appoints members of the Honor Council and presides over any hearings that take place. More Details
  • HONOR COUNCIL VP: appoints investigators for each case and notifies student of charges against them. Fills in for Honor Council President as needed.

Latest Announcements:

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Who Are We?

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) of Vanderbilt University serves currently enrolled graduate students. It is a representative body consisting of one representative from each graduate department of the University. As an organization, we have two primary goals.

  • We coordinate academic, social, and other activities significant to the graduate community. We strive to promote community among graduate students, as well as graduate student integration into the university community. All graduate students are welcome to attend and participate in GSC meetings, parties, and academic events.
  • We work to ascertain and represent graduate student opinions and concerns, facilitating communication between graduate students, administration, and faculty.

How can you participate?

  • Come to our 2018-2019 General Body Meetings in Alumni Hall Room 201 from 6-7pm (unless otherwise stated):

January 10

February 7 in Stevenson Center 5326 (*note location change)

March 14

April 4

  • Keep an eye out for e-mails, flyers, and website postings advertising social, academic, and service opportunities. Come and enjoy all our events!
  • Become your department’s representative or fill in for your department rep when they can’t make it to a meeting!
  • Please subscribe to our Google Calendar here.


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