Free Menstrual Products

Free Menstrual Products

The Campus Life Committee is extremely excited to announce that a FREE menstrual products pilot program is now underway across campus! Dispensers have been installed across campus in women’s, men’s, and gender-neutral restrooms.

View the locations of the free menstrual product dispensers in the table below! For easy access, use the search bar to find a specific building or restroom type.


Rand/Sarratt2200L4Female Restroom
Rand/Sarratt2200L6Male Restroom
Rand/Sarratt2200L7Female Restroom
Rand/Sarratt3300L8Female Restroom
Law SchoolBasement00L2Female Restroom
Law SchoolBasement044/045Gender Neutral Restroom
Law School2200L2Female Restroom
Law School3300L4Female Restroom
Central Library4400LBFemale Restroom
Central Library4413HGender Neutral Restroom
Central Library5500LBFemale Restroom
Central Library6600LBFemale Restroom
ButtrickBasement009Female Restroom
ButtrickBasement029Gender Neutral Restroom
Buttrick1111Female Restroom
Buttrick2211Female Restroom
Buttrick3311Female Restroom
Featheringill1123Gender Neutral Restroom
Featheringill1100L2Female Restroom
Multicultural Community Space (MCS)1113Gender Neutral Restroom
Rand/Sarratt1100L4Female Restroom
Rand/Sarratt2200L1Female Restroom
Rand/Sarratt2200L2Male Restroom
Rand/Sarratt3300L3Gender Neutral Restroom
Rand/Sarratt3300L4Gender Neutral Restroom
Rand/Sarratt3300L5Female Restroom
Blair11100L2Female Restroom
Blair11100L4Female Restroom
Blair22100L2Female Restroom
Mayborn1119Female Restroom
Connector Building (Mayborn)1113Gender Neutral Restroom
Connector Building (Mayborn)1114Gender Neutral Restroom
The Rec Center (DWSRWC)1123Female Restroom
The Rec Center (DWSRWC)1133Female Restroom
The Rec Center (DWSRWC)1141Female Restroom
The Rec Center (DWSRWC)1145Female Restroom
The Rec Center (DWSRWC)1122CGender Neutral Restroom
Six Magnolia Circle (Mayborn)1109Female Restroom
Commons Center1101L1Female Restroom
Commons Center1101L2Male Restroom
Commons Center2238Gender Neutral Restroom
Commons Center2243Female Restroom
Commons Center3311Female Restroom
Stevenson Math3321Female Restroom
Stevenson Math5519AGender Neutral Restroom
Stevenson Library2226AFemale Restroom
Stevenson Lecture2211Female Restroom
Alumni HallBasement011Female Restroom
Alumni Hall1102Gender Neutral Restroom
Central Library2200LBFemale Restroom
Central Library2200LCFemale Restroom
Central Library7700LBFemale Restroom
Central Library8800LBFemale Restroom
Cohen1104Gender Neutral Restroom
Cohen1138Female Restroom
Wyatt CenterBasement031AFemale Restroom
Wyatt Center2202AFemale Restroom
Wyatt Center2220AGender Neutral Restroom
Jesup1100LAGender Neutral Restroom
Jesup1100LBGender Neutral Restroom
PayneBasement003Gender Neutral Restroom
PayneBasement015AFemale Restroom
Hobbs1110Female Restroom
Hobbs1108BGender Neutral Restroom
EBI Studio Arts Center1144Female Restroom
EBI Studio Arts Center3344Female Restroom
Stevenson Math1102Gender Neutral Restroom
Stevenson Math1104Gender Neutral Restroom
Stevenson Science & Engineering2217Female Restroom
Stevenson Science & Engineering7715Female Restroom
Stevenson Physics2202Female Restroom
Stevenson Physics3318Female Restroom
Stevenson Physics6636Female Restroom
Stevenson Chemistry5500L2Female Restroom
Stevenson Chemistry9900L2Female Restroom
Cole Hall1113Gender Neutral Restroom
Cole Hall2210Gender Neutral Restroom
Tolman Hall1104Gender Neutral Restroom
McGill Hall1105Gender Neutral Restroom
DivinityBasementG11Female Restroom
DivinityBasementG18Gender Neutral Restroom
Divinity1130Gender Neutral Restroom
Divinity1132Gender Neutral Restroom
Divinity1134Gender Neutral Restroom
Admissions2225AFemale Restroom
Admissions3329AFemale Restroom
North House1122Gender Neutral Restroom
North House2226Gender Neutral Restroom
West House1104Gender Neutral Restroom
West House1105Gender Neutral Restroom
East House2220Gender Neutral Restroom
Memorial House1108Gender Neutral Restroom
Memorial House2219Gender Neutral Restroom
Gillette House1121Gender Neutral Restroom
Gillette House1123Gender Neutral Restroom
Sutherland House1107Gender Neutral Restroom
Crawford House1104Gender Neutral Restroom
Crawford House2204Gender Neutral Restroom
Hank Ingram House1112Gender Neutral Restroom
Hank Ingram House1114Gender Neutral Restroom
Hank Ingram House2205Female Restroom
Stambaugh House1104Gender Neutral Restroom
Stambaugh House1105Gender Neutral Restroom
Murray House1103Gender Neutral Restroom
Murray House2202Gender Neutral Restroom
E. Bronson Ingram College(EBI)Basement0022Gender Neutral Restroom
E. Bronson Ingram College(EBI)11007Female Restroom
E. Bronson Ingram College(EBI)11008Gender Neutral Restroom
Nicholas S. Zeppos College (Zeppos)Basement0122Gender Neutral Restroom
Nicholas S. Zeppos College (Zeppos)11202Female Restroom
Nicholas S. Zeppos College (Zeppos)11203Gender Neutral Restroom
Rothschild CollegeBasement0406Gender Neutral Restroom
Rothschild College11081Female Restroom
Rothschild College11082Gender Neutral Restroom
Rothschild CollegeSub-basement0024Gender Neutral Restroom
Kissam Student Center1C103Female Restroom
Kissam Student Center2C214Female Restroom
Lewis HallBasement016EGender Neutral Restroom
Lewis Hall1107EGender Neutral Restroom
Morgan HallBasement008Female Restroom
Morgan Hall1105Gender Neutral Restroom
BQ - Lupton Hall1113Female Restroom
BQ - Lupton Hall1102AGender Neutral Restroom
BQ - Market1108Female Restroom

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03 September 2021

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