executive board

The ultimate authority of the Vanderbilt Student Government is housed in the Executive Board. The President, charged with the leadership of the organization, and the Vice President, charged with the leadership of the Committees, are elected by the student body. The Speaker of the Senate, charged with the leadership of the Senate, is elected by and amongst their peers in Senate. The Chief of Staff, charged with the leadership of the Cabinet, is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. All serve a one-year term beginning in April of every school year and serving through April of the next year.

Tariq Issa

Student Body President

Tariq Issa is a senior from Springfield, IL. Yes Springfield… not Chicago like every other Vandy student. He is majoring in Medicine Health and Society and minoring in Biology so if you find him not talking about VSG, chances are it’s another one of those conversations about being pre-med. This is his fourth year serving in VSG, and he is excited to advocate on students’ behalf as Student Body President, especially on issues of mental health and financial support. Around campus, he is heavily involved with the Middle Eastern Student Association, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Project C.U.R.E. He frequents the best coffee shops in Nashville: Barista Parlor… and Local Java. If you ever had any questions about VSG or ideas about how to improve any aspect of the student experience, catch up with him any time you see him shamelessly fueling his caffeine addiction downstairs Rand.


Lanier Langdale

Vice President

Lanier Langdale is a senior from Valdosta, GA. She is majoring in Medicine Health and Society and Psychology. This is her third year serving in VSG, and she also enjoys time spent with her sorority, Chi Omega. She works in the Campus Planning Office, aiding in the development of various University master plans. Her personal favorite VSG initiative is the Vanderbilt Mobile App, which she has been managing for the past two years. She spends her free time with her dog Bear and binging episodes of Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You can most likely find her in an overfilled Rand booth or at Nama trivia.


Phyllis Doremus

Chief of Staff

Phyllis Doremus is a senior from Orlando, FL. No, she didn’t go to Disney World every single day as a kid but she is a firm believer that the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) is the pinnacle of cinematic masterpiece. She’s double majoring in Economics and Public Policy Studies so she really enjoys seeing every stitch in the fabric of American democracy unravel in front of her eyes. This is her fourth year serving in VSG, and she is ecstatic to be Chief this year as the Cabinet branch has been her home for the last two years. When she’s not in the VSG office, Phyllis is heavily involved in her Greek chapter, Tour Guides, and the Undergraduate Honor Council. You don’t have to look much further than a Rand Booth or Local Java to find Phyllis on campus, but hunting down the best Nashville breakfast food is her true passion. If you ever want to chat about student life, VSG, or the merits of Pancake Pantry, don’t hesitate to scoot in across the booth from her.


Sean Swinford

Speaker of the Senate

Sean Swinford is a Junior from Bozeman, Montana where there are more cows than people, so he knows how to sniff out the bull.  But seriously, he is very happy to be in Nashville now where it isn’t snowing 9 months out of the year.  This is his third year serving in VSG and third year in the Senate, and he is thrilled to be this year’s Speaker as he is very passionate about the political process and believes that through hard work we truly can impact the Vanderbilt community.  Aside from his involvement in VSG, He is also a double major in economics and political science, as well as an RA.  In his free time he enjoys relaxing and watching some tv, but then again who doesn’t?  Please reach out to him if you have any concerns, bill ideas, or would like to get in any way as student input is what drives the work we do in the Senate.