Julianna Hernandez, the VSG Chief of Staff sits on the Executive Board and oversees the VSG Cabinet branch, housing the administrative duties of Vanderbilt Student Government. The fifteen members of the Cabinet oversee the organization’s communications, finances, public relations, and other internal functions. In addition, the Cabinet oversees the co-sponsorship and campus engagement programs.

The roles and responsibilities of each position can be found here and the members filling the positions int he Cabinet can be seen below along with their contact information.

Chief of Staff

Julianna Hernandez

Deputy Chief of Staff

Puja Jagasia

Executive Assistant

Tiffany Lee

Director of Active Citizenship and Service

Barton Christmas

Attorney General


Director of Campus Outreach

Josh Allen

Director of Communications

James Ro

Director of Human Resources

Jordan Reed

Director of Programming

Hitha Uday

Programming Coordinator

Aditya Balsekar

Programming Coordinator

Jack Slatton

Director of Public Relations

Akshar Patel


Elysa Garcia

Director of Technology

Benjamin Wong


Abhay Gupta