The administrative duties of the Vanderbilt Student Government are housed in the Cabinet. Led by the Chief of Staff, the 19 members of the Cabinet oversee the organization’s communications, finances, public relations, and other internal functions. In addition, the Cabinet oversees the co-sponsorship and first-year relations programs.

The Chief of Staff is appointed by the President- and Executive Vice President-Elect and confirmed by the Senate during the early spring, with the remainder of the Cabinet being appointed and confirmed shortly after. Currently, Julia Gabriel serves as the Chief of Staff.

The roles and responsibilities of each position can be found here.

The Cabinet

Julia Gabriel, Chief of Staff


Olivia Solow-Niederman
Deputy Chief of Staff

Phyllis Doremus
Executive Assistant

Aishani Naga
General Secretary

Jami Cox
Attorney General

Naathan Mohan

Paul Kim
Director of Human Resources

Public Affairs

Robert Travis
Director of Technology

Molly Wolfe
Director of Communications

Christopher Michel
Director of Public Relations


Rachel Sanchez
Director of Programming

Zoe Scheiber
Programming Coordinator

Tariq Issa
Programming Coordinator

First-Year Relations

Monica Peacock
Director of First-Year Relations

Ryan Connor
Deputy Director of First-Year Relations

Hannah Malamud
Deputy Director of First-Year Relations

Neena Kapoor
Deputy Director of First-Year Relations

Kevin Stinchcomb
Deputy Director of First-Year Relations

Emma Stewart
Deputy Director of First-Year Relations