Vanderbilt Student Government’s mission is to enrich and improve the undergraduate experience through proactive advocacy on behalf of students, collaborative partnerships with administrators and faculty, and relevant, innovative services.



To develop and implement relevant policies which address the interests and concerns of undergraduates:

  • We anticipate student needs and are proactive rather than reactive.
  • We involve students outside of Vanderbilt Student Government in the creation and implementation of policy.

To establish and maintain positive working relationships with university administrators and faculty:

  • We meet regularly with administrators and faculty to discuss current issues and initiatives relevant to undergraduates and the university.
  • Administrators and faculty consult us prior to university policy changes that impact the undergraduate experience.
  • We serve as respected representatives on university-wide committees.

To foster an environment that empowers, challenges, and develops student leaders:

  • We have elections that are competitive and where voter turnout is strong for all classes of undergraduates.
  • Our members are active in organizations beyond Vanderbilt Student Government.

To create avenues which encourage active engagement between students and student leaders:

  • Undergraduates engage our members in order to change and improve the quality of their undergraduate experience.
  • We are respected and valued by undergraduates and regarded as a leading student organization on campus.

To provide meaningful programming and services for undergraduate students independently or in cooperation with other student organizations on campus:

  • We include undergraduates outside of our organization in the development of campus programming.
  • Student organizations view Vanderbilt Student Government as a valuable partner in the promotion, staffing and funding of their events.
  • We have a deep and lasting relationship with the Residential Life Staff in the creation of programming for undergraduates.

To judiciously allocate student activity fees to student organizations:

  • Our process for allocating funds is well planned and easily navigable for student organizations.
  • We are recognized by undergraduates and student organizations for the fairness, thoroughness, and effectiveness of the activity fees process.