The legislative authority of the Vanderbilt Student Government is housed in the Undergraduate Senate. Composed of 30 voting and 1 nonvoting Senator from across every undergraduate school and residential area, the Undergraduate Senate serves to express the voice of the student body on issues of University, state, and national importance. Senators are elected to a one-year term beginning in September of every school year and serving through May of that year. The Senate meets bi-weekly, with the calendar being published at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. Meetings are free and open to the public.

The Senate elects their own membership in the form of a Speaker of the Senate at the end of the Spring, and a Deputy Speaker of the Senate in the Fall. Currently, the Senate is chaired by Speaker Molly Gupta.

2017-2018 Schedule

Fall 2017 Senate Schedule

September 27 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust
October 18 | 7 PM | Alumni Classroom
November 1 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust
November 15 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust
November 29 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust

Spring 2018 Senate Schedule (Tentative)

January 10 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust
January 24 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust
February 7 | 7 PM | TBD
February 21 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust
March 14 | 7 PM | Alumni Classroom
March 21 (Executive Session) | 7 PM | Alumni Classroom
April 4 | 7 PM | SLC Board of Trust
April 18 | 7 PM | TBD

Legislative Agendas

The Senators

Academic Senators

Blair School of Music
Keeheon Nam (College Council Representative)
Ben Ellenbogen

College of Arts and Science
Kevin Zhang (College Council Representative)
Subhash Gutti
Austin Konkle
Naveen Krishnan
Tobi Shitta-Bey
Sean Swinford

Peabody College
Samuel Stollenwerck (College Council Representative)
Christian Cox

School of Engineering
Zain Ali (College Council Representative)
Justin Hastings

First-Year Senators

Ellen Ward

Kate Petosa

Stephen Phraner

Hank Ingram
Zeke Berger

Natalie Urban

Chris Marcus

Jonathan Hung

Vishesh Sharma

Paavas Bhasin

Barton Christmas

Upperclass Residential Senators

Alumni Lawn
Jonathan Segal

Frances Burton

Quinton Turner

Highland Quad
Lucija Tacer

Moore College
Tam Wheat

Towers East
Trey Ellis

Towers West
Patrick Timmins

Warren College
Devin Barkey