The Student Services Fee allocates $1.8 million in activity fee funding to eligible undergraduate and graduate student organizations every year.

The Student Services Fee Committee is made up of the Chair, the Comptroller, the Subcommittee Chairs, and representatives from the Dean of Students Office. On an annual basis they review applications for student organizational funding and allocate a portion of the Activity Fee paid by each student. They also review applications to the Student Services Fee Contingency Fund (Collaboration and Innovation Fund) on a rolling basis.


Applications for student activity fee allocations are due in the spring semester preceding the academic year applied for. Organisations receive half of their allocations in the fall semester and half in the spring semester.

Eligibility requirements can be found on the Student Services Fee’s AnchorLink page.

All questions regarding applying for funding and Student Services Fee’s services should be directed to



  • The Chair is responsible for administering Student Services Fee and pursing new initiatives.
  • The Chair is chosen by the incoming VSG administration after the assumption of their roles.


  • The Comptroller assists the Chair in pursing new initiatives, planning events, and assisting in Student Services Fee’s mission in a general capacity.
  • The Comptroller is chosen by the incoming VSG administration after assuming their roles.

Subcommittee Co-Chair

  • The subcommittee chairs lead the auditing and interview process for each subcommittee.
  • There are two chairs per subcommittee, chosen through an application and interview process held by the Chair and Comptroller.

Subcommittee Member

  • The subcommittee members serve as the primary auditors of student organisations. Each subcommittee member is in charge of reviewing several organisations’ budgets, providing feedback to improve their applications.
  • The subcommittee members serve as the primary interviewers of student organisations, responsible for providing a complete picture of the organisation to the rest of the committee.