VSG Cabinet Responsibilities and Requirements

Note: Positions are listed alphabetically (“Director” or “Deputy” not included).

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Director of Active Citizenship & Service
  • Responsibilities
    • Acts as a representative of VSG to the Office of Active Citizenship and Service
    • Implements and promotes any initiatives related to service and/or active citizenship
    • Serves as chair of Angel Tree
    • Sits as a VSG representative on both the Natural Disaster Task Force and the National Issues Task Force
  • Requirements
    • Experiences with and passion for community service and active citizenship
Attorney General
  • Responsibilities:
    • Ensures that parliamentary procedure is followed at all times in Senate sessions
    • Maintains resolution and voting records at Senate
    • Maintains VSG Constitution and Statutes
    • Serves as defense lawyer if VSG officers are brought before the VSG Judicial Court
  • Requirements
    • In-depth understanding of the importance of VSG Statutes and interest in thoroughly learning the VSG Constitution and Statutes
    • Must be detail-oriented and good with deadlines
Director of Campus Outreach
  • Responsibilities:
    • Represents VSG in meetings with campus organizations
    • Manages VSG visibility and campus engagement events
    • Informs the VSG Executive Board of events occurring on campus
    • Determines the necessity of Town Halls with certain administrators should issues pertinent to students and campus arise
  • Requirements:
    • Involvement in multiple spheres of campus
    • Passion for staying up-to-date with campus events and organizations
Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Responsibilities:
    • Assists the Chief of Staff in the management of Cabinet
    • Facilitates a feedback and accountability system, and any other internal matters
    • Pursues and organize policy initiatives
  • Requirements:
    • Experience in project management and working with administrators
    • In-depth knowledge of VSG
    • Higher degree of accessibility and availability due to the variable time commitment
Director of Communications
  • Responsibilities:
    • Designs and implements effective communication strategies to inform the student body of VSG’s activities
    • Works with the Secretary and Director of Public Relations to publicize all VSG programs, initiatives, and co-sponsorships
    • Compiles the weekly external newsletter
    • Manages VSG social media in conjunction with the Director of Public Relations
  • Requirements:
    • Experience in blogging or writing, social media management
Executive Assistant
  • Responsibilities:
    • Assists the Executive Board with any tasks needed; assist in programming and managerial tasks
    • Stands in for any member of Cabinet if needed by serving as a general catch-all position
    • Records minutes at Executive and Committee Chair meetings
  • Requirements:
    • A higher degree of accessibility and availability due to the variable time commitment
Director of Human Resources
  • Responsibilities:
    • Designs and implements attendance policies throughout VSG
    • Facilitates the VSG mentorship program
    • Serves as an independent third-party mediator in any personnel conflicts that arise
    • Maintains the VSG rosters
  • Requirements:
    • No experience required
    • Interest in conflict management, professional development, and peer mentorship
Director of Programming
  • Responsibilities:
    • Plans and implements all VSG internal and external programming efforts
    • Serves as a liaison between VSG and VPB
    • Administers all co-sponsorships and co-sponsorship attendance policies
    • Manages programming budget
    • Assists all VSG members with programs
  • Requirements:
    • Experience with planning and implementing programs, budget management, and team coordination
    • A higher degree of accessibility and availability due to the variable time commitment
Programming Coordinators
  • 2 positions available
  • Responsibilities:
    • Work under the Director of Programming to assist in all their responsibilities
    • Aid specifically with managing co-sponsorships and handling all program logistics
  • Requirements:
    • No experience required
    • Interest in program management
Director of Public Relations
  • Responsibilities:
    • Works with the Secretary and Director of Communications to publicize all VSG programs, initiatives, and co-sponsorships
    • Manages VSG social media in conjunction with the Director of Communications
    • Designs graphics and visual PR for all VSG programs and initiatives
  • Requirements:
    • Experience with graphic design and social media management
  • Responsibilities:
    • Records minutes at Senate and Cabinet meetings
    • Maintains the VSG office and Anchor Link documents
    • Assists in all other administrative tasks assigned by the Executive Board
  • Requirements:
    • No experience required
Director of Technology
  • Responsibilities:
    • Maintains and updates the VSG website, cloud-based file-sharing system, online accounts, and physical technologies
    • Acts as the trustee of all online VSG accounts
    • Pursues any technology-related initiatives
  • Requirements:
    • Experience with websites, Anchor Link, and complex Google Drive management
    • Knowledge of and interest in general technology and campus technology issues
  • Responsibilities:
    • Organizes and regularly maintains the VSG budget in conjunction with the Executive Board
    • Keeps a running record of budget and expenses of all VSG accounts
    • Keeps records and paperwork about all purchases
    • Manages reimbursement requests and the VSG Procurement Card
    • Serves as a liaison to assist student organizations in using the current financial system
  • Requirements:
    • Knowledge of student organization finance and SkyVU
    • Prior experience managing a large budget