The legislative authority of the Vanderbilt Student Government is housed in the Undergraduate Senate. Composed of 30 voting and 1 nonvoting Senator from across every undergraduate school and residential area, the Undergraduate Senate serves to express the voice of the student body on issues of University, state, and national importance. Senators are elected to a one-year term beginning in September of every school year and serving through May of that year. The Senate meets bi-weekly, with the calendar being published at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. Meetings are free and open to the public.

The Senate elects their own membership in the form of a Speaker of the Senate at the end of the Spring, and a Deputy Speaker of the Senate in the Fall. Currently, the Senate is chaired by Speaker Damonta D. Morgan, who previously served two years as the inaugural Senator for Warren College. Greek/Off-Campus Senator Brent Begany serves as the Deputy Speaker of the Senate.

The Senate is organized in the following manner:

Every Senator is required to serve on one “issue group.” Issues groups are posited and voted on by the senators and these groups work on the issues throughout the year. Issue groups are overseen by an elected member of the Committee on Rule and Procedures (Rules Committee), which is coordinated by the Deputy Speaker of the Senate, with the Speaker being an ex-officio member.

Legislative Agendas

The Senators

Academic Senators

Blair School of Music
Charlie Calotta (College Council President)
Kathleen McMurray

College of Arts and Science
Lauren Milley (College Council President)
Molly Gupta
Subhash Gutti
Victoria Hopkins
Cameron Rohall
Youjia Wang

Peabody College
Willie Chang (College Council President)
Jonathan Segal

School of Engineering
Nigel Walker (College Council Representative)
Nicolas Sanchez

First-Year Senators

Wilton Meeks

Christian Cox

Matthew Seck

Hank Ingram
Mahek Mehta

Nicolas Gardner

Caleb Larmey

Sean Swinford

Ann Huesken

Mingqian Wu

Jordan Lee

Upperclass Residential Senators

Alumni Lawn
Ayo Sanusi

Emma Grace Butler

Brent Begany (Deputy Speaker of the Senate)

Highland Quad
Hamzah Raza

Moore College
Tom Carroll

Towers East
Justin Hutchings

Towers West
Trey Ellis

Warren College
Arunabh Singh