Nearly 30% of students come into Vanderbilt interested in entering healthcare and more specifically, the medical field. By the time students graduate, only about 160-180 each year do end up applying to medical school. While so many students realize that they are not interested in the medical field, many may fall out because they did not know their resources and lost hope along the way. VSG’s goal is to consolidate pre-health professions resources from around the Internet and provide them on a centralized Vanderbilt database.


We worked alongside the Health Professions Advisory Office (HPAO) and an HPAO Student Leader Committee to construct a Brightspace module that will serve as this centralized database.  The information for the brightspace module has been compiled and screened for accuracy and relevance by the HPAO. The Brightspace module launched in March 2019 and was then be populated with students on the Alpha Epsilon Delta and HPAO listservs.


Dr. Michelle Grundy –