NYTimes & WSJ Access


The purpose of the Vanderbilt Student Leadership Award is to provide equitable access to the news for all students and provide online resource cess to all Vanderbilt students and faculty members to supplement the education and excellence of the university.


At no charge, enjoy access to readership of the major newspapers, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

To access Vanderbilt’s New York Times access go to accessnyt.com and then select Vanderbilt University from the dropdown menu.

To access your Wall Street Journal subscription head to wsj.com/vanderbilt. You will be redirected to a splash page that will allow you to log into your Vanderbilt account and proceed to make an account.


In 2008, Vanderbilt University began providing free print copies of the USA Today and the NY Times to Vanderbilt students. However, the field of media changed with a greater emphasis online, which led to the decision to discontinue the program after spring of 2016.  Providing hundreds of print copies of unread newspapers did not align with our mission as a university so this service was discontinued. Dani Evans, a Vanderbilt student, passionately organized a pilot program offering access to the NY Times online website. With high readership online readership rates during the pilot and VSG efforts, the Provost secured a contract providing an institution-wide subscription to both of these resources beginning in Fall 2018.


For detailed instructions, visit the Vanderbilt Libraries website to access NYTimes and WSJ membership through Vanderbilt University.