Mental health issues are often exacerbated by many different stressors on campus, one of the largest stressors being academic exams. Dead week was instituted in the College of Arts & Science and  and Blair School of Music to allow students to study the week prior to their exams without anything scheduled during that final week. However, this has not been enforced so we are hoping to increase administrative awareness of this issue.


Prior to Dead Week of the Fall 2018 semester, we sent an email to the student body encouraging reporting of all professors who violated examination policies to both us and their respective College Associate Deans. Deans were taken aback by the influx of reports and are re-evaluating how they can begin to ensure professors not holding exams during Dead Week.

We will continue having discussions with College Deans to ensure they increase their communication with faculty in their respective schools and also continue to publicize to students every year to inform us of any policy violations.

We are also working to expand Dead Week policies to all 4 academic policies. The School of Engineering and Peabody College either do not have a policy or do not mandate the policy.


If you have question about this past initiative, please reach out to the Academic Affairs Committee Chair, Nico Gardner, at nicolas.m.gardner@vanderbilt.edu.