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For Kayla and Chandler, temporary progress isn’t the end goal – sustainable change is. Through their five-pronged plan centering around accessibility, equity, wellness, academics, and campus life, the Kayla/Chandler ticket looks forward to creating a more inclusive and resource-rich campus. By increasing sexual health resources for LGBTQ+ and disabled students, increasing options for those with dietary restrictions as well as implementing a robust winter weather mobility plan that lays down more salt sooner and shovels more pathways, accessibility is at the forefront of their campaign. Initiatives to implement and expand the campus food pantry, thrift shop, and period products program aim to provide members of the Vanderbilt community with consistent access to material supplies and resources in a cost-effective, easily accessible fashion. Kayla and Chandler’s commitment to wellness and safety is clear with their implementation of the Angel Drink initiative on Broadway, for instance, would provide Vanderbilt students and Nashville tourists alike with a safe method of asking for help when they need it. Moreover, advocating for at least one Black route VandyRide to be running 24-hours a day would provide all students with an efficient means of getting to and from class and home. The addition of graduate classes in undergraduate schools such as the Law, Medicine, and nursing schools is part of how we plan on expanding Vanderbilt’s academic resources. We are invested in a holistic learning experience and plan to build a permanent textbook repository as well as continue the path to renaming discriminatory buildings. Ultimately, Kayla and Chandler’s platform is centered around ensuring that the storied ‘Vanderbilt experience’ is a reality for all students, regardless of economic, academic, or personal background.
We hope to prove that the most effective way to build on the progress of the past is to Keep Moving Forward. Kayla Prowell and Chandler Quaile


  1. Implementation of a winter weather mobility and food plan
  2. Increasing sexual health resources for disabled and LGBTQ Students
  3. Ensuring accessible classroom environments
  4. Ensuring more food options for those with dietary restrictions


  1. Expanding the GAP Fund
  2. Expanding menstrual products program
  3. Dorebusters/passport to Nashville discount programs
  4. Hiring an international student career coach

Wellness and Safety

  1. Increasing lighting on campus
  2. Campus extending the VandyRide schedule for 24-hour service on the Black Route
  3. Rigorous and targeted SA prevention during the first and last 2 weeks of the academic year
  4. Finalizing the Angel Drink Initiative of Broadway

Academic Life

  1. Advocating for Asian American and Indigenous Studies students and professors
  2. Renaming buildings and expanding the legacy tour program
  3. Graduate school classes for undergraduates
  4. Creating a permanent textbook drive and repository


  1. Expanding the thrift shop
  2. Bringing back the Farmer’s Market
  3. Divesting from fossil fuels
  4. Implementing and expanding the campus food pantry