The Diversity & Inclusion Committee (formerly Community Building, International Outreach and Diversity Committee) strives to connect VSG with marginalized communities and to work with an administration in supporting students in fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity.


  • Bridging relations between Greek Life and MLC through programs
  • Create programs around first-year, transfer, and international students to build a culture of inclusivity
  • Work with the Interfaith Council and the LGBTQIA+ office to spark conversations on religion and sexuality
  • Talk to Me Week


  • Bridge service and multicultural organizations on campus to support each other’s events
  • Help integrate transfer, international, and first generation students into the Vanderbilt community
  • Improve accessibility on campus for all students
  • Provide a mentorship program that focuses on minority retention in the STEM subjects
  • Spark meaningful conversation among students with a focus on religious and cultural diversity


  • Creation of a Diversity Mission Statement for the Vanderbilt campus
  • Improvement of handicap accessibility on Vandy Vans (now VandyRide)
  • Improvement of handicap accessibility in Kissam

Virali Patel

Committee Chair

Virali Patel

Year: Junior

Favorite Spot On-Campus: Stambaugh Balcony at Sunset