• Coordinate all VSG initiatives that fall within the Division of Administration
    departments of Business Services and Central Administration, including Campus Dining, Mail Services, Printing Services, Bookstore and Commodore Card Office
  • Voice student concerns regarding any other on-campus service and liaison with the office that provides that service
  • Voice student concerns and suggestions regarding any other on-campus or off-campus services
  • Coordinate all VSG initiatives relating to Vanderbilt Business Services unless they fall under the purview of another VSG Committee
  • Act as the first line of report for student feedback to direct students to resources on campus and enact tangible change
  • Build a relationship between VSG and vendors in the Nashville community


  • Comprehensive Vanderbilt resource guide
  • Student-designed merchandise competition
  • Staff Appreciation (annual)


  • Free Menstual Products Program
  • Free Printing Program
  • Commons ice cream machine
  • Replenishing hammock stands


Noah Kelley (Vice Chair), Olivia Noell (Vice Chair), Miguel Kamgaing Kamgaing, Cameron Klein, Harley Dichter, Elizabeth Rios, Kathleen Praino, Kathryn Brady, Hannah Stovall, Prisha Punjwani

Caleb Boyer

Committee Chair

Caleb Boyer

Year: Senior

Email: caleb.w.boyer@vanderbilt.edu

Fun Fact: Caleb was dropped on his head as a toddler (it was his own fault).