• Assist with VSG activities regarding the University Registrar and Enrollment Management System (EMS), Course Evaluation System, and Course Management System (CMS)
  • Work with undergraduate schools in communicating academic policies, procedures, and regulations to the undergraduate community
  • Assist with VSG activities relating to Global Education Office (GEO) and Vanderbilt Study Abroad opportunities
  • Work with the Undergraduate Honor Council and appropriate University administrators in promoting academic integrity
  • Facilitate a process by which student concerns and grievances can be represented to the proper administrators, department heads, and faculty
  • Assist with all efforts relating to Immersion and the Office of Immersion Resources
  • Assist with VSG efforts in providing graduate school exam preparation and test facilitation on campus
  • Manage the GAP Fund



  • Graduate and Professional Fund
  • Text Book Drive
  • Grade Database
  • Brightspace for Test Prep
  • Next Steps partnership
  • AXLE review


Sanjana Veerapaneni, Ishaan Gadiyar, Izzy Feng, Amy Zhao, Raney Yang, Ansley Walker, Kyle Vallone, Margaret (Sophia) Fox, Kevin Gehl, Connie Kang, Ramneek Kanwar, Anureet Kanwar

Saksham Saksena

Committee Chair

saksham Saksena

Coco Randolph

Committee Chair

Coco randolph