Amisha and Ari

Countdown Until Voting Ends








HEY VANDY! We are so excited to be running for your next VSG President and Vice-President!!! Amisha Mittal is a junior from
Cincinnati, Ohio majoring in MHS, HOD, and Spanish. Ari Sasson is a Sophomore from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania majoring in Economics and LHS. Our platform focuses on the four pillars of Responsibility, Inclusivity, Safety, and Equity and a few of our main points are expanded below, but check out our social media @amishaandari to learn more!!
Since our first year on campus, VSG has been our passion, and we are running to help unite Vandy to RISE up Together! Amisha Mittal and Ari Sasson


  1. Use VSG to further advocate for fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment in sustainable energy sources
  2. Reopen Rand for dinner, increase dining options for dietary and religious restrictions, and extend Munchie Mart hours
  3. Give student leaders access to administrative meetings to create direct communication between students and admin
  4. Create listening hours where VSG members attend other student org meetings to address any issues they are facing and provide additional resources
  5. Establish single-stream recycling systems and composting stations across campus


  1. Work with professors to post recordings of all lectures on Brightspace to be more receptive of students’ personal and academic needs
  2. Increase the number of accessible, all- gender restrooms on campus
  3. Ensure complete accessibility and accommodations for all buildings and classrooms (i.e. ramps, doors with automatic openers, handicap
    accessible bathrooms, etc.)
  4. Add rehearsal and storage spaces for performing arts groups across campus
  5. Partner with Student Services, creating a guide to help students navigate the testing accommodations process


  1. Collaborate with Project Safe to expand and prioritize victim support resources and mandate in-person bystander intervention training during orientation/Visions
  2. Add and improve lighting campus-wide
  3. Work with OHARE to transparently address and mitigate mold outbreak and infestation problems in Branscomb, Highland, and other residential spaces
  4. Promote VandySafe app and create a user- friendly tutorial to explain the resources provided (i.e. Mobile BlueLight, friend watch program, etc.)
  5. Work with OSCC/ UCC to increase appointment availability and expand promotion of services


  1. Provide free printing and discounted parking passes
  2. Add grocery stores and restaurants on 21st Avenue to the Commodore Card (i.e. Kroger, Chipotle, Panera, etc.)
  3. Implement Zipcar, a car rental service, for student org and student-teacher transportation
  4. Add VandyVan routes to off campus housing/ downtown Nashville, and extend operating hours
  5. Advocate for increased international student financial aid services and assistance