Cabinet Roles and Responsibilities

Vanderbilt Student Government Cabinet: 2017-2018 Position-Specific Requirements

*Note: Positions on this form are listed alphabetically (“Director” or “Deputy” not included)

Director of Active Citizenship and Service
• Responsibilities: act as a representative of VSG to the Office of Active Citizenship and Service; implement and promote any initiatives related to service and/or active citizenship; serve as chair of Angel Tree
• Experience: passionate about community service and active citizenship; leadership experience preferred

Attorney General
• Responsibilities: ensure parliamentary procedure is followed at all times during Senate sessions; maintain resolution and voting records at Senate; maintain VSG Constitution and Statutes; serve as “VSG lawyer” if VSG officers are brought before Judicial Court
• Experience:should have an understanding of the importance of VSG Statutes and interest in thoroughly learning the VSG Constitution and Statutes; must be detail oriented and good with deadlines

Director of Campus Outreach
• Responsibilities: represent VSG in meetings with campus organizations; offer recommendations for co-sponsorships to the Programming Team; inform VSG of events going on all around campus; schedule listening tours for the President and Vice President
• Experience: should be passionate about staying up-to-date with campus events and organizations

Deputy Chief of Staff
• Responsibilities: help the Chief of Staff with managing Cabinet, facilitating a feedback and accountability system, and any other internal matters; pursue and organize policy initiatives
• Experience: should have experience in project management and working with administrators; in depth knowledge of VSG is preferred. Time commitment varies weekly but must be accessible and communicative

Director of Communications
• Responsibilities: work with the PR Team to compile the weekly external newsletter; write biweekly VSG blog posts; manage all VSG social media, serve as liaison between VSG and all student media (heavy consistent time commitment)
• Experience: any experience blogging or writing is preferred

Executive Assistant
• Responsibilities: help the Executive Board with any tasks needed; assist in programming and managerial tasks; stand in for any member of cabinet if needed (serves as a general catchall position); take minutes at Exec and Committee Chair meetings
• Experience: no experience needed but must be willing to dedicate significant time to VSG; workload changes weekly

Director of Human Resources
• Responsibilities: mandate attendance policies throughout VSG (internally and externally), create and enact mentorship program, serve as an independent third party mediator in any personnel conflicts arising throughout the year
• Experience: no experience required; should be approachable and impartial

Director of Design
• Responsibilities: work with the Director of Publicity and Director of Communications to design graphics and visual PR for all VSG programs and initiatives
• Experience: graphic design skills required; no other experience necessary

Director of Programming
• Responsibilities: plan and implement all VSG internal and external programming efforts; serve as liaison between VSG and VPB; administer all co-sponsorships and co-sponsorship attendance policies; manage programming budget; help all VSG members with programs
• Experience: must have experience planning and implementing programs, working with a budget, and managing a team. Very large time commitment.

Programming Coordinators (2 positions)
• Responsibilities: work under the Director of Programming to assist in all their responsibilities; specifically help with managing co-sponsorships and handling all program logistics
• Experience: no experience required; should be enthusiastic and very organized

Director of Publicity
• Responsibilities: work with the Director of Design and Director of Communications to publicize all VSG programs, initiatives, and co-
• Experience: no experience required; must be organized and communicative

• Responsibilities: take minutes at Senate and Cabinet meetings; maintain the VSG office and Anchorlink organization; assist in all other administrative tasks assigned by the Executive Board
• Experience: no experience required

Director of Technology
• Responsibilities: maintain and update the VSG website, VSG email listservs, and the VSG office computer; pursue any technology-related initiatives; organize and store pertinent VSG initiative information in an online system
• Experience: ability to code preferred; should have knowledge of website maintenance and general technology

• Responsibilities: organize and regularly maintain the VSG budget in conjunction with the Executive Board; keep a running record of budget and expenses of all VSG accounts; keep records and paperwork about all purchases, manage reimbursement requests and the VSG Procurement Card; give monthly budget presentations to Senate and any other branches at request
• Experience: must have knowledge of finance and prior experience managing a large budget

Executive Board: Statement on the 27 January Executive Order

To the Vanderbilt community,

As members of the Executive Board of your Student Government, we are committed to the relentless pursuit of justice and advocacy on your behalf. In understanding the weight and responsibility of this position, we cannot stand aside and condone the actions that are proving to have very real and damaging consequences to our peers and neighbors. We condemn any order, executive or not, that tolerates or encourages the discrimination of any person, citizen or not, on the basis of race, gender identity, nationality, or other quality that makes each of us inherently unique. As your student government, we commit ourselves, in both word and action, to the values central to our university, especially those of diversity – of thought, experience, and identity. At the end of February, four VSG representatives will be traveling to Washington DC to speak with various Senators, Representatives, and other political leaders. You can fully expect this executive order to be discussed. If there are other issues you would like to see discussed, please do not hesitate to reach out to President Ariana Fowler at

We have been approached by a variety of students, faculty, and staff concerning what actions have been taken on campus and we have detailed those below:

  • All students and scholars from the seven countries listed in the Executive Order were contacted and advised not to travel outside the USA. These members of our community were also encouraged to consult with immigration lawyers if they were considering moving forward with travel. The international student office, ISSS, offered to meet with affected individuals during the day and is currently holding private small group sessions with affected students.
  • The Psychological Counseling Center is holding a training session today to prepare to support DAC/undocumented and international students affected by the Executive Order.
  • The Office of Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competency (IICC) offered a program for DOS staff about supporting DACA and undocumented students on Jan. 12. Both ICC and ISSS are prepared to support DACA and undocumented students.

We would also like to reaffirm and emphasize the University’s official stance on the following:

  • We are committed to providing all our students, faculty and staff with a safe and welcoming environment, and ensure their continued ability to thrive on our campus.
  • The Vanderbilt University Police Department has not, does not and will not ask individuals for citizenship information. This is an existing practice that we will continue to follow.
  • Vanderbilt University Police Department has not, does not and will not target or conduct surveillance of individuals based solely on race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.
  • Vanderbilt University Police Department does not and will not voluntarily share information with ICE or CBP, has no memoranda of understanding with ICE or CBP and will not voluntarily enter into one.
  • Vanderbilt does not share citizenship or immigration information about its students except as required by law.
  • Vanderbilt is opposed to and will not voluntarily participate in a registry of Muslim individuals. We also condemn the concept of a registry of any individual based solely on race, religion, nationality, or ethnicity.

We will continue to keep you updated on university actions related to the wellbeing and safety of all who call Vanderbilt home. There are several ways to show support this week:

  • The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Coalition will be hosting a solidarity vigil and rally at 5:30 tomorrow evening, located at Coleman Park Community Center, 384 Thompson Ln, Nashville, Tennessee 37211.
  • The Middle Eastern Student Association is hosting their Meharajan Feast this Saturday at 6pm. Tickets are $10 and are available at Sarratt Box Office. All funds will go to support Syrian refugees in the Nashville community.

If you have other events or ways to show support, please contact Director of Communications Molly Wolfe at with details.

In the words of our country’s founder, George Washington, “The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respected Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privilege”.

We, the Executive Board of Vanderbilt Student Government, support all affected, either directly or indirectly, by the hostility exhibited in our current political climate and encourage all members of the Vanderbilt community to practice understanding and empathy in their interactions with others.

The above is a statement released by Vanderbilt Student Government Executive Board to the undergraduate student body on 31 January 2017. 

#TBT – 01 February 2017

Committee Updates

  • Student Services Committee in collaboration with VPB’s CityVU relaunched Passport to Nashville last week with five venues: The Hermitage, Country Musical Hall of Fame, The Johnny Cash Museum, The Adventure Science Center, and The Frist Center for the Visual Arts
  • Campus Life Committee worked with Dining to send out a Dining survey in which they have so far collected more than 1,004 responses
  • Academic Affairs Committee partnered with the A&S Council last Wednesday to put together the Spring Org Fair.  Over 300 people attended!
  • The Residential & Environmental Affairs Committee is wrapping up submitting some amazing projects to the Green Fund
  • Executive Steering Committee has completed its review of the VSG Judicial Branch and is presenting its findings to them this Friday
  • VSAP helped plan rides for 30-40 Vanderbilt students to attend the women’s march last Saturday

SEC in DC 

Participants of SEC in DC will be:

  • Jane Brennan (sophomore, Executive Steering Committee member)
  • Ariana Fowler (senior, Student Body President)
  • Hunter Gabel (junior, Judicial Court Justice)
  • Nico Garder (first-year, Memorial House Senator)

We look forward to seeing these four incredible VSGers advocate on behalf of the student body in Washington, D.C. this spring!

Senate Updates

  • Check out this semester’s Senate agenda here!

Passport to Nashville Relaunch

Passport to Nashville is a program that allows students to visit great landmarks and venues around Nashville. All that is required is that students show up to any of the listed locations and show their Commodore Card student ID for FREE ENTRY. Yes, that is right, you can visit any of these locations for free due to VSG and VPB. The program is running indefinitely and is available any day of the week or weekend. Additionally, it is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. The program is already running so get out there and explore Nashville! Additionally, more locations are expected to be added soon!

Contact Chandler Scott, a member of our Student Services Committee, at if you have any locations you would like to see be part of the program.


Website Relaunch and Committee Updates

New Website

VUIT has done a wonderful job in overhauling its Student Organization webserver, and Vanderbilt Student Government is proud to transition to the platform. Some parts of the website are still under construction, but many of the features from the Squarespace site have been moved over. For questions about the new website or how to create a student org website, contact Director of Technology Robert Travis.

Committee Updates 

Our committees have been hard at work, making progress on many student-proposed initiatives. Find out more with the Committee Branch Report (November 2016)!