On Being a VOBber


VOB will undoubtedly be the defining experience of my time at Vanderbilt. Though I nerd it up by day as an Electrical Engineer, building satellites with the Vanderbilt Satellite Club and other such nonsense, by night I rock out on the stage with VOB. VOB stands apart from most other organizations on campus by its commitment to the highest quality, entirely student run performances. With an organized board and incredibly talented casts, our productions set the bar for other campus organizations. Word has gotten out around Vanderbilt about VOB, and we routinely sell out our performances.

Beyond our goals of performance, VOB inherently knits its members together into a warm, fuzzy home-made sweater. Through parties, retreats, and the day to day (or night to night) hanging out, VOB’s social side will be a perfect avenue for you to make new friends. All kinds of people with different backgrounds and interests make a home out of VOB, and you’ll meet some of the coolest and most interesting folks at Vanderbilt through our organization.”

       — John Boyd, Class of 2015

“This past semester I had the honor of being choreographer for Vanderbilt Off-Broadway’s spring production of Spring Awakening. I have been a dancer for nearly all of my life, but this was my first foray in to the world of choreography. After months of creating, rehearsing, and practicing with my incredible cast of 13 talented students, my vision slowly came to life. Seeing something I had helped create, on stage, with full lights and sound, was an incredible experience. The audiences’ reaction to Totally F*cked every night was a gratifying validation of my work. VOB is an organization with the passion and talent to pursue challenging pieces and succeed. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to the Second Show Committee and the overall organization for their support, love and ability, which enabled me to have the amazing chance of being part of Spring Awakening.”

       — Danielle Beaujon, Class of 2015

“How many undergrads can say they directed a musical? How many engineering students get the chance to star in a show? Not many. VOB is such a special organization in that it gives us the opportunity to step into leadership positions and truly create something greater than ourselves. It’s 100% student-run: no faculty involvement in the creative process. Isn’t that incredible? My experience in VOB has been nothing short of an adventure, and I can’t even begin to explain how much it’s impacted me. I’ve grown as an actress, a singer, and most importantly a team player. I’ve made some of my closest friends through the process, and I can’t wait to see what else we will accomplish together!”

      — Elizabeth Dunlap, Class of 2015