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Monday, September 7th: Trent James Magic – 7pm CST
Trent James is one of the most sought-after magicians in the college market. Using our Pro Zoom Web Video service, Trent will perform a show of sleight of hand magic tricks and illusions, and will even teach the viewers how to perform some magic with items available in their room or house.

Tuesday, September 8th: Playlist Bingo – 7pm CST
All of the same Bingo rules apply except with Playlist Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played and participants have to know who sings those songs, and if they do, they mark off that artist on their playlist bingo card on their mobile device!  When they mark a winning combination, they yell “Playlist Bingo,” and wait for the host to check their card to declare them a winner.  There are multiple Playlist Bingo games played in each game, giving participants multiple chances to win prizes!

Wednesday, September 9th: Mark Toland Mind Reading – 7pm CST
Mark Toland is a master mind-reader and mentalist. Remotely, using our Pro Zoom Web Video service, Mark can entertain groups on campus or an audience of individual students off campus with his mind-reading skills. These types of intimate performances might be just the thing to help keep students’ minds off the world around them, and keep them focused on their studies.

Thursday, September 10th: Text Breakers Game Show – 7pm CST
Text Breakers now hosts its hilarious game show virtually! Play on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device, just download the Zoom app. There’s no need to miss out on seeing friends during the quarantine any more. Once you log in, you’ll see everyone else who’s playing in a video group chat. Steve, your show’s host, will then explain the game rules including how to text in your answers. Fun games you’ll play include Trivia, Guess the Picture, Fill the Blank, and so many others. It can be customized to fit with any theme you want to make it more engaging. All answers are texted in from your phone and shown on the screen for everyone to see and laugh at together.

Friday, September 11th: Comedic Q&A with Jordan Klepper – 7pm CST
Jordan Klepper is known for his work on the Emmy award winning THE DAILY SHOW (with both Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah) as well as hosting both the late night Comedy Central show THE OPPOSITION WITH JORDAN KLEPPER, as well as Comedy Central’s unique eight episode docu-series, KLEPPER. Klepper gained notoriety with his work at Trump political rallies, coaching Hillary Clinton on her reading of the Mueller Report, and getting arrested standing up for Immigrant rights in Atlanta. His special JORDAN KLEPPER SOLVES GUNS brought attention to the heated gun debate, as well as his multi-part DAILY SHOW segments “Good Guy with a Gun.”  Other appearances include HBO’s NIGHT OF TOO MANY STARS, Netflix’s THE WHO WAS SHOW, IFC’s BUNK, @MIDNIGHT and many more.