2020 Outstanding Senior Award

Congratulations to Bart Christmas for winning the 2020 Outstanding Senior Award!

Barton Christmas (he/him/his) is a student from Paducah, Kentucky studying History and Secondary Education. A Curb Scholar for Creative Enterprises, Barton has puttered around campus the last few years making balloon animals and telling stories. The one lesson he hopes to leave his peers is the same one that Vanderbilt has taught him time and time again: make room for surprises to happen.


Top 10 Outstanding Seniors:
Allison Booher

Anana Upton
Barton Christmas 
Destinee Johnson
Elizabeth Dorans
Elysia Tillman
James Raubenehimer
Jason Scott
Michael Gonçalves
Puja Jagasia


The Vanderbilt Programming Board (VPB) is comprised of the 6 largest programming organizations on campus: Homecoming, Speakers Committee, CityVU, The Music Group, The VenUe, and Vandy Fanatics.

The purpose of VPB is to sponsor, integrate, and provide social, cultural, educational, recreational, and multicultural activities at Vanderbilt University. We will constantly evaluate these programs and assess the needs of the Vanderbilt community to provide a more enjoyable and purposeful experience for all members of the Vanderbilt community. Students who provide leadership in VPB will gain experience in program planning and implementation for both small and large scale activities.

President: Amanda Epp
Vice President: Matthew Williams