Congratulations to our Top 10 Outstanding Seniors! 

Andrew Brodsky

Kayla Cooper

Samuel Edwards

Shelly Feldman

Sparsh Gupta

Katie Harris

Shawn Kerry



Madison Maderious

Mac Ploetz

Olivia Solow-Niederman



Makenzie Beaman

Makenzie, a Molecular and Cellular Biology major and Chemistry minor, hails from Overland Park, KS. Next year, she’ll be entering a dual-degree program to obtain her MD and PhD with the hopes of becoming a pediatric cancer doctor and cancer genetics researcher. When Makenzie is not in the lab conducting genetics research, she loves to sing with the Vanderbilt Variations, give campus tours, and spend time with her sisters in Chi Omega. A hardcore sports Fanatic, Makenzie can also be found enthusiastically cheering on the Commodores at nearly every football, basketball, and baseball game.

Top 3 Orgs
Vanderbilt Variations

Ambassadores (Tour Guides)
Chi Omega

Deanna Bradley

Deanna hails from Plantation, Florida and is a Medicine Health & Society major with a minor in Corporate Strategy. Her plans include becoming a physician and eventually exploring the field of public health.  She hopes to improve healthcare within marginalized communities in the United States and around the world. On campus, you can find her serving as a Head Resident in Carmichael Towers, working to make Vanderbilt a better and more inclusive place, or just chatting with friends in line at Bamboo Bistro. 

Top 3 Orgs
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 

VUcept Executive Board
Alternative Spring Break


Andrew Brodsky

Andrew is a senior majoring in Human and Organizational Development, hailing from Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas (boyhood home of Former President Bill Clinton). After graduation, Andrew plans to pursue graduate programs in Higher Education and Law in an effort to improve opportunities and outcomes for first generation college students like himself. Andrew hopes that if he has done anything over his four years at Vanderbilt, he has helped his fellow students realize that it is okay to fail as long as you pick yourself back up again.

Top 3 Orgs
Tour Guides

Kayla Cooper

Kayla Cooper, a native of Stone Mountain, Georgia, is double majoring in Spanish and Medicine, Health, and Society. She has grown so much over the past three years, and cherishes the friendships that she has made at Vanderbilt. After medical school, Kayla aspires to be a physician for underrepresented populations, especially those in the immigrant and refugee communities. Kayla plans to carry her love for Vanderbilt with her beyond graduation and to support future ‘Dores in the years to come. 

Top 3 Orgs
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Resident Advisors 
Honor Council

Emily Daley

Emily is a Chemical Engineering major from Ashburn, Virginia. She is passionate about building community in the organizations that she is a part of, including empowering female engineers through the Society of Women Engineers, connecting with her residents in Towers, and working to improve chapter events and roles in Tri Delt. You can find her around campus giving tours, drinking way too much coffee, and speed walking to her next class or meeting. 

Top 3 Orgs
Society of Women Engineers

Residential Education
Delta Delta Delta Sorority 

Samuel Edwards

Samuel (Sam) was born in Accra, Ghana and grew up in Toledo, Ohio. He is a Medicine, Health, & Society major with two minors in Psychology and Religious Studies working towards an eventual career bolstering the overall health of disadvantaged children domestically and internationally as a pediatrician. Sam has grown immensely from prior involvement in Vanderbilt Student Government, Residential Education, Global Brigades, and Vanderbilt Spoken Word—thank you all! Now-a-days, Sam can be seen giving obnoxiously long tours, embarrassing VUceptees, scream songs from Camp Kesem, and making a fool of himself in the front of the student section at Vandy sporting events.

Top 3 Orgs
Tour Guides

Camp Kesem

Ahmed El-sadek

Ahmed is a J.Cole, Rihanna loving Egyptian guy, born and raised in Jackson, MS, double majoring in Neuroscience and Medicine, Health, and Society. He has helped create spaces of inclusion on campus with his involvement and leadership across Greek Life, Middle Eastern Students Association, Black Cultural Center, Muslim Student Association and Alternative Spring Break. These spaces have fueled his passion for social justice and human rights and solidified his desire to become a physician, focusing on the mental health of communities of color.

Top 3 Orgs
Middle Eastern Students Association

National Pan-Hellenic Council
Clinton Global Initiative University (Vanderbilt Scholar)


Shelly Feldman

Shelly is initially from Highland Park, IL, and is pursuing a degree in Human and Organizational Development and minoring in Political Science. On campus, Shelly enjoys spending time with friends and taking advantage of the many educational opportunities provided by Vanderbilt. After graduating, Shelly ultimately hopes to attend law school and work in politics.   

Top 3 Orgs
Manna Project International

Kappa Alpha Theta
The After-school Program 

Sparsh Gupta

Sparsh is from Fairfax Station, Virginia. He is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience. He plans on attending medical school with plans of becoming a physician that combines engineering and medicine to create more accessible healthcare for everyone. 

Top 3 Orgs


Katie Harris

Katie came to Vanderbilt from St. Louis, Missouri as a Chancellor’s Scholar. She is studying Human and Organizational Development on the Education Policy track with minors in Spanish and Sociology and enjoys meeting new people, peer-mentorship, and finding Nashville’s hidden treasures. Through her involvement in Greek Life as President of The Eta Beta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Residential Education as a three-year RA and two-year HR on The Commons, VSG as an Undergraduate Honor Council Representative, and Peabody College as a co-founder of Peabody Bridges, Katie has worked to create cross-collaboration among various student groups on campus in order to make Vanderbilt a more accessible, diverse, and equitable place for all students.

Top 3 Orgs
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

Residential Education
Peabody Bridges

Shawn Kerry

Shawn hails from Richmond, Virginia.  He is majoring in Anthropology and Religious Studies, with minors in Spanish and South Asian Studies.  On campus, he currently serves as the president of the Vanderbilt Interfaith Council and is a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.  He has long-term goals of working in international development and human rights, and he hopes to find himself next year in DC conducting research on education and social issues.  You can normally find him consulting at the Writing Studio or reading 19th century Russian literature in a tree somewhere on campus.  

Top 3 Orgs
Vanderbilt Interfaith Council

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity
Vanderbilt Writing Studio


Christine Lim

Christine Lim is a Posse Scholar from New York City, pursuing a degree in Human & Organizational Development and Corporate Strategy. She serves as a Resident Adviser in Warren College. She enjoys fostering a sense of community and collaborating with other students on various initiatives in Vanderbilt Programming Board and Vanderbilt Student Government. Christine is grateful for the support she has received as a first-generation college student and hopes to use FirstVU as a platform to enrich the experience of more first-generation college students at Vanderbilt.

 Top 3 Orgs
VPB (VenUe Co-Chair)

VSG (Campus Life Committee Chair)
Resident Adviser in Warren College

Madison Maderious

Madison is from Lafayette, California and is majoring in Human & Organizational Development. Spending all 4 years living on the Commons, Madison has become very passionate about the first-year experience. She is the Head Resident of Memorial House and a Student Leader of the Commons Leadership Council. Madison also serves as the undergraduate representative on the Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Committee on Mental Health and Wellbeing, where she provides a strong student voice for the future of Vanderbilt’s mental health resources. 

Top 3 Orgs
Residential Education

Commons Leadership Council (CLC)
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

Mac Ploetz

Mac is from Valparaiso, Indiana and is majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. He has spent his time at Vanderbilt discovering and affirming his identity as a transgender person, and through his roles in the Vanderbilt Lambda Association and Vandy Sex Ed, he works to help others affirm their identities as well. Mac hopes to continue working with LGBTQ communities in the future to lift and empower underrepresented voices.

Top 3 Orgs
Vanderbilt Lambda Association (Lambda)

Vandy Sex Ed\
The McGill Project

Deepa Rajan

Deepa is from Austin, Texas. She is majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Violin Performance. Deepa is the founder of Harmonies for the Elderly, a Vanderbilt organization dedicated to providing music enrichment services to people with Alzheimer’s disease. On campus, Deepa can usually be found slicing mouse brains in the medical center in an effort to develop a drug for Alzheimer’s disease, or in the Blair School of Music working on various violin concertos and sonatas. She strives to connect the sciences and the arts and share their collective beauty to the Vanderbilt community. Deepa hopes to one day run her own research lab to explore the wonder of the brain.

 Top 3 Orgs
Harmonies for the Elderly (President)

Lyrical Movements (Programming Chair)
Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery (Research Assistant)

Victor Rounds

Victor hails from the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and will graduate in the spring with a degree in Engineering Science. Over the past three years, he’s worked diligently to implement a number of different initiatives (founding REVAMP, bringing Future and Migos to campus, and establishing the new NPHC Community House). If you’ve never seen him, he’s the guy speed walking around campus singing with headphones in his ears. 

Top 3 Orgs
Kappa Alpha Psi

VPB: Music Group
REVAMP (Revitalizing & Empowering Vanderbilt’s African-American Male Population)

Olivia Solow-Niederman

Olivia is an American Studies Major and Women’s and Gender Studies Minor from Denver, Colorado who plans to pursue a career dedicated to active citizenship in the campaign and policy side of governance. Outside of the classroom, Olivia is involved in Vanderbilt Student Government, VUcept, OACS, the Holocaust Lecture Series, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Above all, Olivia wholeheartedly believes in the power of random acts of kindness.

Top 3 Orgs
Vanderbilt Student Government

Office of Active Citizenship and Service (OACS)


Rebeca Trabanino

Rebeca is an international student from San Salvador, El Salvador majoring in Communication Studies. Her college career has been shaped by her involvement with the Vanderbilt Association of Hispanic Students, Alternative Thanksgiving and Winter Break, and the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center . These organizations have ignited her passion for learning about the passions of others and working hard to create spaces where people can have meaningful conversations. When not studying, she can often be found in Zumba classes at the Rec or eating Rand cookies.

Top 3 Orgs
Vanderbilt Association of Hispanic Students

Alternative Thanksgiving and Winter Break
Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center


Emily Xu

Emily is a 1.5 generation Asian-American student from Chesterfield, Missouri. She is pursuing a Neuroscience and Philosophy double major, and is highly involved in fostering multicultural communities on campus. When not studying or in meetings, Emily enjoys learning choreography (usually K-pop or hip hop), editing videos and photos, and catching up with people over coffee.

Top 3 Orgs
Asian American Student Association

Vanderbilt K-Pop
Multicultural Leadership Council

Kevin Zhang

Kevin is from Naperville, Illinois or “Chicago” majoring in Economics and Political Science. Kevin is actively involved in the undergraduate business scene and has a passion for helping Vanderbilt students develop both on-campus and professional pathways. Kevin is pursuing a career in management consulting after college with a long-term focus on public service and social impact, especially dealing with issues related to socioeconomic mobility. 

Top 3 Orgs
Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity 

The Wond’ry (Innovation Center)
College of Arts & Science Council 

Homecoming Week Events
October 2 – 7, 2017

Homecoming Blood Drive
October 2 – 4, 2017
11:00am – 4:00pm
Sarratt Student Center Rm: 220

Commodore Quake
October 5, 2017
8:00pm – 10:30pm
Memorial Gymnasium

Homecoming Alumni Event
October 6, 2017
10:00am – 4:00pm
Campus Wide

Homecoming Block Party Featuring Kris Allen
October 6, 2017
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Kensington Pl

Tailgate & Outstandintg Senior Brunch
October 7, 2017
8:30am – 10:00am
Kensington Pl | Board of Trust Room

Block Party Artist:  Kris Allen

Artist Info

Akaninyene Ruffin – 2016

Jackson Vaught – 2015

Ryan McKenney – 2014 

Roo Warren – 2013

Emily Natoli – 2012

Lisa Branding – 2011

Deno Saclarides – 2010

Fabiani Duarte – 2009

Joseph Williams – 2008

Mallory (Miciek) McKenzie – 2007

Jay Salato – 2006

Meredith (Schweitzer) Britt – 2005

Past Finalists & Winners

2015 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Rebecca Chong
Sarah D’Amico
Asheeka Desai
Kevin Groll
Pranjal Gupta
Laurel Hattix
Safiah Hassan
Sam Hoskins
Hayley Kahn
Jackson Vaught

2014 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Emily Gardner
Duncan Hall
Aditya Karhade
Robb King
Robbert (Bobby) Lux
Ryan McKenney
Pranav Santapuram
Alexis Simpson
Abigail Shachar
Anna Watt

2013 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Dorothy Buckner
Kiersten Chresfield
Roo George-Warren
Maysa Kaskas
Lisa Koenig
Kristen Mosley
Megan Piphus
Alexandra Scavone
Carey Spear
Noelle Suarez-Murias

2012 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Devin Brooks
Ankur Doshi
Aladine Elsamadicy
Trevor Geller
Nick Hall
Skyler Hutto
Ashley Kimery
Libby Marden
Emily Natoli
Keith Neely

2011 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Francesca Amiker
Brittany Cowfer
Sarah Barr
Gheremey Edwards
Lisa Branding
Lauren Holroyd
Zye Hooks
Sloane Speakman
Mengting Ren
Tyler Verdell

2010 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Sahi Denduluri
Nicole Gunasekera
Leslie Labruto
Annalise Miyashiro
Madeline Myers
Hana Nasr
Rebeca Ojeda
Lucie Rhoads
Deno Saclarides
Gracie Smith

2009 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Meredith Ackerman
Ellen Black
Tracy Branding
Fabiani Duarte
Andrew Enkeboll
Tacara Harris
Alex Hillard
Scott Krenitski
Ralph Passarella
Melissa Zhu

2008 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Lauren Page Black
Emma Cofer
Jennifer Hirsch
Kellianne Kleeman
Brad Lawrence
Marty Pendleton
Amanda Scott
Sarah Scott
Sean Tierney
Joseph Williams

2007 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Elizabeth Bennett
Fatmata Daramy
Austin Dirks
Palmer Harston
Natalie King
Mark Mason
Mallory Miciek
Brittany Perkins
Natalie Roebuck
Roy Stone

2006 Outstanding Senior Finalists
Charleson Bell
Emilie Carroll
Raymond Dake
Devin Donovan
Eric Frye
Gabriel Hemphill
Allison Malone
Maggie Myers
Jay Salato
Lindsey Williams

2005 Outstanding Senior Finalist – Inaugural Year
Davis Blanton
Erica Grimaldi
Matt Meiners
Kate Morgan
Nabilah Rahman
Meredith Schweitzer
Donna Sharp
Erin Shepherd
Stan Sonu
Leah Watson

Winner in Bold

Brief History: The Vanderbilt Programming Board Homecoming Committee was formalized in the late 90s, early 2000s. It was created to unify all campus Homecoming activities. The Homecoming Committee works tirelessly to provide interesting activities to incite enthusiasm for Vanderbilt athletics and alumni relations. These events include spirit activities (Banner Competition, Volleyball Tournament, Block Party and Commodore Cup competition), service activities and the Outstanding Senior Award.

Impact on Campus: The Homecoming activities unite undergraduates, graduates, alumni, and the greater Nashville community under the umbrella of pride and excitement for Vanderbilt University. The committee accomplishes this by:

*Encouraging student participation in activities, such as volleyball, banner competition, dinner and trivia night, block party and student alumni tailgate.
*Partnered with the Red Cross to host a Blood Drive
*Promoted interaction between current undergraduate students, alumni, and the Nashville community
*Provided marketing and garnered student support for the Vanderbilt Football Homecoming Game against Missouri
*Recognized Outstanding Seniors for their accomplishments