President - Laura Cardona

Class of 2022

Major(s): Human Organization and Development, Latino and Latina Studies

Hometown: Miami, FL

Ties to: Cuba

“ALAS has always been and will be a home away from home. It’s a wonderful community for collaboration, culture, and everything in between!”

Vice President - Maria Loaiza

Class of 2021



Ties to:


Secretary- Emily Vega

Class of 2021


Hometown: LaGrange, IL

Ties to: Costa Rica


Treasurer- Jaylen Martinez

Class of 2021

Major(s): Creative Writing

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Ties to: Puerto Rico

“ALAS brings a sense of familiarity to campus. The people make it feel more like home than it ever has.”

Special Events Co-Chair - Brandon Jacome-Mendez

Class of 2021

Major(s): Chemistry, Psychology

Hometown: Talbott, TN

Ties to: Mexico

“To me, ALAS has allowed me to connect with others with similar cultures as mine. It has also allowed me to embrace and share my heritage in ways I had not been able to before.”

Special Events Co-Chair - Jessica Prus

Class of 2022

Major(s): English

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Ties to: Costa Rica

“ALAS is my home away from home, where I can find others who understand my cultural background.”

Special Events Co-Chair - Shelby Kuehnle

Class of 2023

Major(s): Molecular and Cellular Biology

Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

Ties to: Puerto Rico

“ALAS is a place where I can meet many people of all different kinds of backgrounds. It gives me a space to learn and grow separate from academics, and it allows me to foster a community in this new college life.”

Advocacy - Lucas Martim de Lima Portilho

Class of 2023

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Minor in Business

Hometown: Santa Barbara D’oeste, Brazil

Ties to: Brazil

“ALAS is like a home away from home, since it reminds me of the communities I grew up in in Brazil. It allows me to explore and express my identity in fun and creative ways, and learn more about the Latinx identity and community as a whole.”

Senior Advisor - Ana Torres

Class of 2021

Major(s): Molecular and Cellular Biology

Minor(s): French

Hometown: Spring Hill, FL

Ties to: Honduras

“ALAS is more than an organization; it is a community. We are a welcoming group of students that love to express our culture through various means (large-scale events, casual GBMs, and personal level interactions). To me, ALAS is a group of caring people that enjoys sharing a rich cultural environment with anyone willing to participate.”

Senior Advisor - Veronica Pedraza

Class of 2021

Major(s): Neuroscience

Hometown: Miami, FL

Ties to: Cuba

“ALAS is a home away from home. It provides we with an opportunity to surround myself with people who have similar background as me and can relate to me on a cultural level. ALAS has provided me a space to feel comfortable being myself!”

General Body Meetings (GBM) Chair – Harley Guachichulca

Internal Outreach Chair – Eric Ponce

Service Chair – Maria Loaiza  

Senior Advisor – Sophia Kyllmann

Vice President - Dom Meneses

Class of 2020

Major(s): Sociology, HOD

Hometown: New York, NY

Ties to: Ecuador

“ALAS is familia. Being a part of it has played an integral role in my identity development and time at Vanderbilt. I have met amazing people from all over the world, who are united by their college experience and what it means to be Latinx at VU.”

Café con Leche Co-Chair - Gabriela Gallego

Class of 2020

Major(s): Computer Engineering

Minor(s): Spanish

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Ties to: Colombia

“ALAS started as a fun organization that I wanted to be a part of and is now my family at Vanderbilt! ALAS is an awesome space to share and educate on a common culture and make lifelong friends.”

External Outreach Chair - Nicolas Gardner-Serna

Class of 2020

Major(s): Political Science and LHS

Minor(s): Business

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Ties to: Colombia

“My entire life I have only lived in places that were majority Latinx. When I moved to Nashville for school, it was not easy to adjust to a place where my identity was not celebrated, and the things I was used to was no longer present. ALAS became my latinx home away from home, and very quickly the people here became my family. ALAS to me means home, celebration and family.”

Senior Advisor - Adriana Calderón

Class of 2020

Major(s): Biomedical Engineering

Minor(s): Engineering Management

Hometown: San José, Costa Rica

Ties to: Costa Rica

“ALAS is a space for community and celebration, as well as a platform for students with ties to Latin America to connect with each other and advocate for causes we are passionate about!”