Welcome to the Association of Latin American Students!

Hola amigos!

Welcome to the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)!

ALAS is committed to serving and representing students who identify as Hispanic. Through our mission, we also seek to be inclusive of students who might have ties to Latin America and its rich culture that might not be encompassed solely by the term “Hispanic”, such as through ancestry (parentesco), family/personal history, or interest. ALAS is a space open to everyone to celebrate and share the rich diversity of Latin America through the formation of an inclusive and enriching community.

One of our main goals is to make sure that anyone who wishes to be involves can be, regardless of Spanish-speaking ability or if one has ties to Latin America or not. The richness of Latin American culture is also made up of students with ties to South American countries or to the various indigenous populations throughout the region. We want our organization to reflect and celebrate that.

ALAS welcomes you, regardless of your experience with the Spanish language or history with Latin America. We highly encourage anyone who want to learn more about the tapestry of our cultures to join us.

Throughout the school year, we will be celebrating the culture and history of different regions of Latin America, along with the identities that come along with it. Exploring the diversity of development of these identities (Hispanic, Latinx, Latin American) and how they are experienced is a crucial part of our goals.

On this website you will find information about our events, our members, and resources to help you learn about the Latino community in Nashville.

Some of our signature events include:

  • Cafe con Leche: A night where over 200 students perform diverse dances from throughout Latin America
  • Sabor Latino: A party to mark the capstone of Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Spanish Speed dating: Small general body meetings where students can come practice conversational Spanish.

Everyone is welcome at all of our events; you don’t need to identify as Latino or speak Spanish. We hope you use the resources on this page to come out and meet us.