The Vanderbilt QuestBridge Chapter is Vanderbilt’s chapter of the national QuestBridge organization. QuestBridge is a powerful platform bridging the nation’s brightest, under-served youth and leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities. QuestBridge envisions a world where America’s leadership encompasses thoughtful and broad-minded decision-makers drawn from every economic segment of society. As the Vanderbilt QuestBridge Chapter, we aim to create a community for QuestBridge Scholars, and other students interested in bridging the gap between socioeconomic class and education, and engage in our Vanderbilt community to talk about these issues.

Mission Statement:

Questbridge helps Vanderbilt students transcend the socioeconomic barriers they face through outreach, service, support, and networking amongst the Quest Scholars Network. We host events tailored to our diverse, low-income student population and the greater campus community to support low-income students, give back to our community, and spread awareness about the challenges of being low-income on a college campus. Our mission is to not only to connect and service the low-income students of Vanderbilt but the Nashville metropolitan area at-large, as well as to support initiatives that push for more resources tailored to low-income students from an administrative level. While our organization is tailored to supporting low-income students, we welcome all students as we want to make sure that people know that low-income students are here and have a space to learn about the unique challenges they face. This organization style creates both a community for low-income students which eases navigating through the journey of higher education as well as a space for all to celebrate the economic diversity present on Vanderbilt’s campus. QuestBridge allows students to be proud of the progress and achievements they have made despite financial adversities and offers a space to share hardships, which serves to empower QuestBridge students and the Vanderbilt community.