FirstVU is Vanderbilt’s premier student-run organization that supports, celebrates, and empowers first-generation students. Our executive board is built of peer advocates and community members who are also first-generation stu­dents; they lead the group, plan events, advocate on behalf of their members, and create an environment of inclusivity on Vanderbilt’s campus for students struggling to navigate the complicated reality that is the Undergraduate Experience. FirstVU is also proud to serve as advocates for other marginalized and/or underrepresented groups on campus and in our community.

Mission Statement:

FirstVU seeks to support, empower, and connect First-Generation students at Vanderbilt University. By supporting students academically, emotionally, and communally, FirstVU seeks to create an atmosphere where First-Generation students are celebrated, successful, and self-confident. Empowering students to advocate for their rights, attend office hours, and join additional extracurricular activities allows us to cultivate an authentic experience that many first-generation college students may struggle to create on their own. Connecting first-generation individuals to each other assists in the proliferation of acceptance and empowerment of the first-generation identity, and our community is strong and growing. Join us.