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EWB-Vanderbilt members get to join one of two committees, each of which has specific goals to ensure that the organization runs as smoothly as possible.

External Affairs

The External Affairs committee works to raise money for our projects and runs the club’s social media account. This committee has three subcommittees: Social Media/Graphic Design, Sponsorships/Fundraising, and Grants/Gala. The Social Media/Graphic Design subcommittee focuses on creating content for our Instagram account, as well as posters and other promotional materials. The Sponsorships/Fundraising subcommittee is working to create a sponsorship packet and conduct a corporate sponsorship campaign over mail. This committee also works to plan any campus-wide fundraising events. The Grants/Gala subcommittee works to research possible grants for our projects and is working on plans for a future sponsorship gala.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs committee aims to ensure the growth of EWB-Vanderbilt by bringing in new members and planning events for the benefit of existing members. This committee has four subcommittees: Recruitment, Retention, Training, and Organization. The Recruitment committee prepares materials for the yearly organization fair, advertises the organization in classes, and maintains and promotes the website. The Retention subcommittee works on fostering a community among EWB’s members by hosting team-building and social events. The Training team organizes various events throughout the semester to help members acquire necessary design skills, such as AutoCAD or SketchUp training sessions. The Organization subcommittee gathers and records information that is necessary for the continuation of the chapter.

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