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Welcome to Engineers Without Borders!

EWB-Vanderbilt is a chapter of EWB-USA, a non-profit humanitarian organization that aims to use sustainable engineering projects to empower developing communities around the world.

At EWB-Vanderbilt, we utilize our unique engineering skills to make the communities we serve safer and more sustainable. Currently, we serve two neighboring communities in rural Guatemala, Paxoj and Txemuj, as well as the wider Vanderbilt community. Through our projects serving these communities, we equip our members with engineering experience and leadership skills that will benefit both our partner communities and our members.

Our members are placed into one of three design teams and one of four committees. Working on design teams provides our members with an opportunity to apply the problem-solving skills and concepts that are learned in class to have an impact on developing communities. On the other hand, the committees give each member an opportunity to develop project management skills and improve the organization as a whole by planning social events and training sessions, participating in fundraising efforts, or contributing to the recruitment of new members.