WilSkills has a long history of welcoming new transfer students into the Vanderbilt community with a trip into the great outdoors. You will see and experience some of the most beautiful parts of the Southeast, bond with your fellow transfers, and make friends that will aid your transition to your new home.


Monday (8/14)

Early move in day! WilSkills student instructors will welcome transfer students and help them move into their dorms.

Tuesday (8/15)

At 8:30 AM, we’ll meet at our storeroom and pack up the necessary supplies. From there we’ll leave for Sand Rock, Alabama. After setting up camp and eating lunch, we’ll rock climb around the area until it gets dark or we get hungry for dinner.

Wednesday (8/16)

After having breakfast at Sandrock, we’ll head to Desoto State Park for a 7 mile hike through some of Alabama’s finest scenery. We’ll eat lunch here, and then drive back to Sandrock to camp and maybe climb some more if anyone’s up for it.

Thursday (8/17)

After another breakfast at Sandrock, we’ll drive to Tumbling Rock Cave, a treasure in the Southeast’s caving community. We’ll cave for around five hours including lunch, and then head back to Vanderbilt where we ought to finish up around 6:00 PM.