Immersion Projects

Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science is excited to partner with Vanderbilt Immersion starting during the 2019-2020 academic year. Vanderbilt Immersion is an opportunity for students to participate in a long-term research, creative, or service-based endeavor. Through completing your Immersion experience with VSVS, you will have the chance to learn about science education, work with children in local Metro schools, and ultimately achieve impact in the local Nashville community. 


VSVS Immersion Project #1:

The goal of this Immersion VU project is to have a student design their own VSVS lesson. Using our database of over 150 previously designed lessons, volunteers can learn about the format, style, and content of other VSVS lessons. Students will choose an area of interest, conduct research, and design a unique VSVS lesson guide for their particular topic. These guides will include a list of materials, background information on the science topic, and step-by-step performance instructions for the lesson. The goal is for your lesson to one day actually be used by volunteers at one of our partner middle schools in Nashville. 

Projects through VSVS can fulfill part of an overall Immersion plan, but are not likely to provide an experience that will satisfy Immersion without other experiences. How VSVS fits into an Immersion Vanderbilt project is up to you and your Immersion faculty adviser. Some experiences may produce different results than others. For more information about how VSVS can play a role in your Immersion project, please contact Juliana Qin ( and visit the Office of Immersion Resources.

Information about more Immersion projects for students to participate in with VSVS is coming soon!