If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please reference our contact page to speak with the Secretariat member that can best help you.


How should I register for VUMUN?

Our registration page is open now! Click on the VUMUN logo on our homepage to reach that link. 

Is there still priority and regular registration periods?

Yes, there will only be three registration periods and once the conference is full the registration will close. Regular Registration ends on October 10th, 2021 at 11:59 pm.

Can I register for VUMUN even if my school isn’t attending?

Yes! We encourage all students to register regardless of their school’s participation in outside events including VUMUN.

How will we pick our committees?

A committe preference form will be sent to each advisor (or delegate if attending without your school) at the end of the Regular Registration period.


What time zone will VUMUN be operating in?

Central Standard Time (CST).

How will the schedule differ from years before?

There will be a few changes to the current schedule on the website. We are trying to hold every committee session and event previous scheduled in person, online.


Is attendance taken at committees?

Yes. At the beginning of each Committee session, the chair or co-chair of the committee will take attendance. We will report all attendance results to the Chief of External Affairs who will then inform the faculty advisors (for those attending with a school group) of any absent delegates.

Can faculty advisers attend committee sessions?

We welcome faculty advisors to attend committee sessions and watch their students debate. Faculty advisers will be given all the links to committee sessions they have students in. Any questions or concerns that arise should be directed to the Director External Affairs, Emily Char, who will work with Secretariat and the chairs to ensure that committees run well.

Are pre-written resolutions allowed at VUMUN?

Pre-written resolutions are not allowed at VUMUN. We aim to foster discussion among the delegates and to promote cooperation in addressing the various topics of debate. Please note that VUMUN has a strict zero-tolerance policy with regards to plagiarism.

Are students allowed to pick their own countries?

When registering for the conference, schools have the option of requesting up to six different countries. Positions are assigned on a rolling basis, so the sooner you register, the greater likelihood of getting preferred positions.

How can students contact their chairs before VUMUN?

To contact the USGs of Crisis Committees or General Assemblies, see Contact. Chairs will provide contact information in their committees’ background guides. Your chairs will also contact you with relevant planning information well before the conference.

Are position papers required at VUMUN18?

All position papers are optional this year. If you do choose to write them, they can be submitted to your Chair by email.

How will Crisis Notes be passed back and forth?

The Crisis staff will be communicating with delegates and the staff through email. We hope that this will make the note passing process even more efficient than in person passing.


How will committee sessions be held?

VUMUN will be using Gatherly to operate our conference this year. Each committee (crisis and GA) will have its own room in Gatherly that will be moderated by your chair and our Secretary General.

How do I get my Gatherly account set up?

You will recieve an email close the start of the conference with information on how to set up your Gatherly.

What should I do if I have technological problems during the conference?

Our Secretary General, Grace Rieniets, will be happy to help with any technological problems that arise during the conference.