SIM Research Match

SIM Research Match Each semester, Scientific Immersion & Mentorship hosts the Sturtevant Research Match to help connect labs to undergraduates wanting to get involved with research. Alfred Sturtevant constructed the first genetic map during his time as an undergraduate research assistant. As Sturtevant has shown, undergraduates can have a powerful effect on the scientific community. Thus, we want to connect students through the Sturtevant Research Match to labs which will help them realize their potential. This year’s Research Match will take place on October 14th 4:00-6:00pm in the SLC Ballroom at Vanderbilt University. The prep event for the research matech will take place on October 10th 4:30-7:30pm in Stevenson 4327. The link to the PI Booklet can be found here:

Students: What to Expect

Our annual Research Match is held in the Student Life Center Ballroom. The room will be designed so that lab representatives and/or principal investigators will have their own stand to display their poster research. Each stand will be organized by a number. As a student, you have the opportunity to go around the room and explore your options for a laboratory. You will also have the chance to speak to the representatives, ask questions, and provide your resume to laboratories that spark your interest. During the first two weeks, lab representatives may reach out to you personally. If no one has contacted you after two weeks, you may contact labs that you are interested in joining. Please arrive and dress professionally, as this is a formal event.

Laboratory Representatives: What to Expect

To prepare for our annual Research Match, please expect an electronic form before our event. We ask you to complete this form so we may have a better idea about your needs, your laboratory, and your research. As for the day of the event, you will arrive earlier than students. This time is dedicated so that you may set up on poster display stands that will be provided for you. During the event, students will go around the room, and hopefully, you will present your research, and answer any questions that students will present about your laboratory dynamic. Additionally, students may provide resumes. This is so that you can identify students that seem to fit the needs of your laboratory. Within the first two weeks after the match, you have the opportunity to reach out to student(s) that you may be interested interviewing. After this two week period, students are allowed to email labs that they are interested in joining.