The Advising Basics:

Advisors will meet with students in search of advice pertaining to research (e.g., how to contact a PI, how to conduct oneself in a lab, how to advocate for oneself) Any and all questions are welcome!

Booking an Advising Appointment:

Advisees will be able to come for drop-in hours or book appointments manually with the advisors as seen below.

Details of an Advising Session:

Meetings will be conducted via Zoom, and you will receive the Zoom link after emailing an advisor to say you are coming to drop-in hours or want to book an appointment. Advisors are SIM board members. Advisees are any and all undergrads who are interested! We will have group advising sessions so you and your friends can sign up for the same advising time and have your questions answered together.

Advisor Specialties/Experiences

All Advisors – All advisors can answer your general research questions on approaching laboratories, communicating with a PI, strategies for success in a lab, and research for credit on campus.

Phoebe Young: Wed Fri 2-3, drop-in or booked appointments
– Research Summary: I am a senior currently working in Dr. Danny Winder’s lab at the Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research, where I study molecular changes during abstinence from chronic ethanol exposure in mouse models. I am pursuing a PhD in molecular neuroscience after graduation. I also have research experience outside of Vanderbilt during the summer, and can answer any questions about how I was able to pursue research at another institution.
Sahil Patel: MWF afternoons, booked appointments only
– Research Summary: I have been a research assistant at the Vanderbilt Dermatology Translational Research Clinic (VDTRC) since September 2020. I have developed and tested artificial intelligence algorithms to segment active graft-versus-host disease in clinical photos. I have evaluated the repeatability and reproducibility of an experimental medical device called the Myoton to noninvasively measure biomechanical properties in a number of normal and pathologic skin states (e.g., lymphedema and fibrosis in head and neck cancer patients, sclerotic diseases, etc.). I have numerous conference presentations, nationally and internationally, as well as published manuscripts.
Maya Anderson: Tues, Thurs 9-10 am, drop-in or booked appointments
– Research summary: Current MARC Scholar, involved in McMahon’s circadian rhythms laboratory. Also have some research experience outside of Vanderbilt.