Meet the Board

Anica Mohammadkhah


Anica is in her fourth year at Vanderbilt, majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Medicine, Health, and Society with a minor in French. She grew up in the Nashville area, but she has a strong distaste for Country Music. Anica’s journey through research has been a little unconventional– going from a Computational Analyst at VUMC to conducting Physiology and Biophysics research at the University of Miami–she has spent the last 2 years as a Learning Assistant in the Department of Biological Sciences to reverse the trend of interaction-depraved instruction in science courses. Anica loves the Adventure Science center, pretty flowers, advocacy for the homeless population, and she hopes to pursue a JD/MD degree in Law & Medicine.

Brittany Carey Fox


Brittany is in her fourth year at Vanderbilt, and she’s originally from Huntsville, Alabama. After starting out at Vanderbilt as a Molecular and Cellular Biology major, she discovered her passion for the law and the application of science to the law and public policy. Unlike the other members of the board, Brittany is now a Medicine, Health, and Society major on a pre-law track in order to focus on legal and sociological research in the health field. Currently, her honors thesis research focuses on health inequalities surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. She also is an avid musician, writer, dancer and semi-professional nerd.

Adam Geffner

Director of Events???


Jennifer Tat

Director of Communications

Jennifer, or better known as Jen, is in her fourth year of study, and she is double majoring in Neuroscience and Spanish. Originally from Memphis, TN, she committed to Vanderbilt and joined SIM board to help change the notion of inaccessible research opportunities for students. Jen started working in the Calipari Lab in 2018 to study the neurocircuitry underlying substance use disorder and behavior, and she has previously received funding for summer research through VUSRP and ASPET! As a first generation college student, Jennifer is passionate about breaking the barriers that create disparities in education and health, so she hopes to pursue a MD/MPH degree in Medicine & Public Health.

Sydney Roth

Director of Advising

Sydney is a junior from Warren, New Jersey. She works in Dr. Key’s Psychophysiology lab at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center where she examines brain-based markers of cognition in nonverbal individuals with Angelman Syndrome. She also conducts research with Dr. Kumah-Crystal at VUMC where she is working on developing a Voice-Assisted Electronic Health Record for physicians.

Anusha Srivastava

Vice President

Anusha is originally from Dublin, Ohio, and she is in her third year of study at Vanderbilt. She recently joined the Cover Laboratory, which studies the H. pylori bacterium as it relates to the development of Gastric Cancer. Specifically, she studies nitrous and oxidative effects on bacterial growth and proliferation. In her free time, Anusha enjoys dancing, running, traveling, and petting dogs. 

Sam MacGavin



Kolapo Dairo