About the Vanderbilt Programming Board Music Group

The purpose of the Music Group is to expose Vanderbilt students and also the Greater Nashville community to a diverse musical experience. The Music Group is dedicated to maintaining a balance between showcasing new talents and representing Vanderbilt students’ musical tastes. The Music Group is a student-run, democratic concert group which plans, publicizes and produces several concerts a year for Vanderbilt students and the greater Nashville community.  Concerts include Commodore Quake in the fall, and Rites of Spring in April, as well as additional events as the Music Group sees fit.

This group works on all aspects of concert production, including but not limited to, contract negotiations, security, hospitality, marketing, and technical arrangements. In addition, the Music Group provides opportunities for its members to learn about all aspects of the music industry while educating its members in all genres of music.

Best of Metromix Nashville: Concert 2009 – Jay Z

Best of Metromix Nashville: Concert 2010 – Snoop Dogg, Passion Pit and B.o.B.