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MLC Executive Board 2014 to 2020

Thoughts from Us

"My friends were always there support as I came to terms with my identity. The love and kindness that they constantly provided me with gave me the strength to live my truth and be proud of who I am."

                                        – Nate Henderson

“I love meeting new people within the MLC community and learning about their intersectional narratives. Relating to someone’s identity and culture through food, common values, and shared experiences continues to remind me of not only how far we’ve come, but how much we still have to accomplish.”

-Milind Mishra

“I love the MLC because I am continuously inspired by the passion of our e-board, council, and member organizations. The MLC is one of the most incredible parts of campus where individuals unite in shared activism and solidarity to bring about meaningful change at the institutional and grassroots level.”

-Priya Trivedi

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