Election Information for the Student Body

This year’s VSG Presidential Election period runs from Monday, March 14th to Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022. The week of March 14th begins campaigning, a town hall will be held in conjunction with the Hustler on the afternoon of March 19th, and the voting period is from 8 AM on March 21st to 12 PM on March 23rd.
Please remember that no candidate, campaign member, or student is immune from the Student Accountability Process. The VSG Election Commission will report any forms of illicit behavior, speech, or actions to Student Accountability. Any form of hate will not be tolerated by VSG or the Election Commission during this period, or at any time.

Reporting Campaign Violations
Any member of the student body is able to submit a claim of a campaign violation using this form. All campaign violations must be reported within 24 hours from when they are first noticed. Campaign violations include the following:

  • Voter Intimidation
  • The usage of university maintained listservs or GroupMes as a means of campaigning
  • The stapling, tacking, nailing, or taping of flyers, papers, or informational materials to trees by campaigns
  • Negative campaigning, libel, or slander by candidates or campaign staff
  • Any campaigning prior to Monday, March 14th at 8 am
  • Signs driven into the ground with a stake
  • Posters or fliers taped in any place
  • Banners hung from tree branches or in non-designated areas
  • The use of chalk on any surface other than chalkboards
  • The use of chalkboards in academic classrooms for campaign-related purposes
  • Campaign materials on cars
  • Mass mailing to student mailboxes
  • Door-to-door campaigning 

To report a campaign violation, fill out the claim form here.

Non-Partisan Candidate Database
In order to maintain a campaign-free environment, the VSG Election Committee has created the Non-Partisan Candidate database that includes neutral information regarding candidates, platform points, campaign violations, and election updates will be provided. This document will be updated on a semi-daily basis during the dates of March 14th to March 23rd, 2022.

Access the Non-Partisan Candidate Database for the 2022-2023 VSG Presidential Election at this link.