shared governance

While “Shared Governance” is not a branch or program under Vanderbilt Student Government, the spirit of shared governance is in alignment with the organisation’s mission, values, and goals. Faculty, students, and staff engage in all aspects of the University’s academic mission and are provided opportunities to assess the Office of the Provost’s work and to provide feedback.

Student Committee Members

Community-Oriented Results and Expectations Committee

Damonta Morgan

Course Management System Advisory Committee

Alexis McBride

Design as an Immersive Vanderbilt Experience Finalisation Committee

Will Berger
Ben Shapiro

Educational Technology Strategy Committee

Robin Abernathy

Healthy Minds Climate Survey Working Group

Taylor Boothsby
Wu Hu
Musbah Shaheen

Officer Education Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

Sean Dowling
Taylor Van Daff

Student Health Insurance Policy

Ariana Fowler
Ashleigh Hope
Rany Octaria

Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning Advisory Board

Kyler Miller
Christopher Michel
Abigail Roberts
Robert Travis

Pass-Through Student Committee Members

Center for Student Wellbeing Advisory Board

Corbin Allender
Mackenzie Catron
Somtochukwu Dimobi
Samantha Garfield
Victoria Pearson

Course Management System Advisory Committee

Mitesh Bhalani
Sam DeFabrizio
Alexis McBride

Task Force for Course Evaluation Completion

Danielle Kitchen

University Committee on Religious Affairs

Poorva Arora
Greg Fontus
Mina Haddad
Saif Hamdan
Taylor Moore
Tori Romba
Musbah Shaheen
William Stone