PRIMO | director

Hello world. I am Primo, hear me roar. I’m from that dirty dirty 904 a.k.a. Jacksonville, Florida. Improv is what I get out of bed in the morning for. That, and the tomato tortellini soup at Rand. I’m a neuroscience major with french and general music minors (as in, AXLE is a piece of cake.) I am also the vice-president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the secretary for Friends of Heather Trew, a writer for The Slant, and a good friend. I am obsessed with efficiency and once you understand that, you know so much about me.

FRAGGLE | producer

Call me Fraggle. I’m the proud producer of TNC. But I wasn’t always this cool. The folks in Little Rock tell me I entered this world naked and screaming at about one-twentieth of my current size. For those first couple years, I was the epitome of incompetent. I couldn’t speak, stand, feed myself, form memories, or even dispose of my own feces. Luckily, I’ve come a long way since then. I’m currently a senior here at Vanderbilt accidentally majoring in Economics and History. I’m also a VUceptor and big believer in eye contact. I love Improv, shade trees, and bold, beautiful moments of honesty. The truth will set you free.

TAILS | business manager

Our fearless leader Britney Spears once wrote, “she’s so lucky, she’s a star.” Well… I’ve never felt like that, but as a member of Vanderbilt’s premier improv troupe, TNC, I can imagine what Britney meant. Hailing from Suburbia, New Jersey, I have been training and performing in improv and acting from a young age at The Groundlings, Lookinglass Studios, and most recently the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York. With a major in Film, Music, and Mass Media I hope to carry over my experience onto the small screen in acting, producing, writing, directing, editing, getting coffee, making copies, transcribing and any other #BitchWerk that will get me employed in this industry I adore! It’s Tails, b*tch!

NUGGET | publicity chair

Yo, yo soy Nugget/Duncan but I really like being called Nuggetron.  I’m a Public Policy major (lolz) and Spanish and Corporate Strategy Double Minor.  I’m from the microscopic town of Lago Vista, TX but I usually just say Austin since it’s close enough and way cooler.  Outside of TNC, I’m tall, a member of Vanderbilt University Theater, a College Scholar, a Resident Adviser on Commons for all the freshmen and am also VP of Publicity and Outreach for Manna Project International for the 2013-2014 school year.  I also really want a job after I graduate.

SWAYZE | social chair

Hello, I’m Swayze! I was born Katherine Smith in Dallas, Texas, but found another home and name with Vanderbilt’s Tongue ‘N Cheek. I am a Human and Organizational Development major and a Corporate Strategy minor. In addition to improv, I am a Co-President of Vandy in Hollywood, correspondent on Vanderbilt TV’s The Scoop, producer of the Vanderbilt TV comedy variety show, and actor on the web series University Ever After. I’m hoping to use the skills I develop doing improv comedy to work in television after graduating in the spring of I graduate.


Hi. My name is Xiva. I am a senior, I like improv, and I appreciate brevity.


I am Vespa, Vespa is me.  I joined TNC during my sophomore year, thus this is my third year in the troop.  TNC is a beautiful home within this crazy ass university.  I am also the editor in chief of The Slant, Vanderbilt’s satire newspaper.  I’m tall and rather lanky, and I enjoy a good cardigan.  I wear Birkenstocks all year round, and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth it.  I’m not sure what it all means, but I hope it’s all worth it.


Kairete (yep, Greek) to all the intellectuals out there! The name’s Macintosh, but you can call me Mac (because we’re friends, and friendship is all about shortcuts and trust and handholding). This’ll be my fourth and final year around the Vanderbilt track, and boy, does that finish line look schweet. Claiming the title as “Only TNC member from Georgia” in 2012, I’m back to defend it once again.  Fun facts about me (and about other things) include:
– Daft Punk is love. Word.
– I can stumble my way through a conversation in 6 languages (who needs fluency, am I right?)
– A housefly hums in the key of F.
– I love you. You love me? No? Ok.
Catch me outside the Mcgill dorm. We can sit down at the picnic tables, maybe have a chat over pretty much nothing. Maybe I’ll make you laugh (no promises, though). BUH-BYE!


I’m Cairo and I was born at some point in the past, presumably. Since then I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, just like you always say you will as a new year’s resolution, but you always manage to give up on it by February. I’m a real handful in the bedroom.*Knock Knock* Hello, ma’am, the gas company sent me over here because there’s been a leak in the area, I just need to check to make sure your home isn’t affected.When I was seven years old I told my Aunt that candles are stupid. She hasn’t stopped crying since. She cries so much that her house actually smells weird from all the tears. She lives near the beach and above an ice cream parlor, and the combination of all these smells creates one unified smell which, ironically enough, would make for a very nice candle. I joined Tongue N Cheek almost fi- Yuengling Styrofoam, Internal Pyropode, Dim Sum inside her, Sloane. Fling. Solid. Crying. Loan.


Lunar checking in.  (aka Brian Cooper).
This is my second year with TNC.  I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area.  In my spare time, while not on stage, I enjoy double majoring in Music and Bioinformatics.  This is how to make Easy Mac:  REMOVE lid and Cheese Sauce; Mix; set aside. (Note: You will see loose white powder in Pasta. This is necessary for proper cooking.)
ADD WATER to fill-line in cup. STIR.
MICROWAVE, uncovered, on high 3-1/2 min. or until pasta is tender.
DO NOT DRAIN. (Excess liquid is needed to make cheese sauce.)


Hee haw, D!no’s the name, TNC is my game. I am a sophomore, majoring in economics (shoutout to Buckles), and this is my second year on the troupe. My likes include drumming, Commodore Tso’s chicken, and defined chins. You’ll often see me longboarding around campus, and you should say hi! I like making new friends.


Jazz says: fart jokes are always funny.


Hello, I am Bott’s. That is to say, I belong to the one known (or rather not known) as Bott. I am from a suburb of Philadelphia west of the city. I transferred to Vanderbilt circa fall 2013 as a sophomore from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. I was on the improv team “The Movable Joints!” there and am very happy to have found a place on “Tongue N’ Cheek” here. Hopefully someday the two groups can come together and fight to the death over me. I am dual majoring in Physics and Computer Science until I inevitably fail out of that and find something more fun to do. I will leave you with a haiku. I enjoy improv/ I am a happy camper/As if I were clams


Hi friends and Nigerian princes on the web. The name’s Fiasco! I hail from clouds and I’m from Dallas, Texas. This is my first year at Vanderbilt and on Tongue n’ Cheek, making me a freshman who is a fresh man! Ayoooo! Got ‘em! Yeah! Hi-five! I love… unnecessary pauses, speling, CAPITALIZATION, and punctuation marks!!!!?.,?! If you want to be my friend, meet me at the playground at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. And remember; a penny saved is worth two in the bush!


Howdy y’all! I discovered my true identity as Roffle when I became a member of the welcoming community that is Tongue N Cheek. This is all very new to me, as I’ve never had friends before or performed in front of an audience. Since I don’t really talk to people, I don’t know if they think I’m funny, but I know my parents tell me I should give up on this whole acting thing. One of my favorite pastimes is sarcasm 😉 But on the reals, I’m a freshman (or if you must: a “first year”) from Texas, if you couldn’t tell. I live in New Braunfels, but I went to school in San Antonio…so I basically live in San Braunfels (have fun finding that on Google Maps). I’ve loved theater since I came out of the womb and am currently involved in Vanderbilt University Theater and also enjoy singing. I am undecided on my major (duh), but I’m interested in studying environmental science. I am beyond excited to be a member of TNC! Kristen Wiig is my idol!! Tell me I’m funny!


Howdy y’all! Convincing? I hope so.  I’m Navii! I’m a freshman and a Los Angeleno trying to fit into my new Nashville habitat.  To supplement my studies in vocal performance, I have been brushing up on many Southern classics such as “Gone With The Wind,”  “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “Butter My Butt and Call Me A Biscuit!”  I am also a skilled knitter and crocheter, and if you give me a puzzle, I will finish the damn puzzle! And NO you cannot come back and “help” when it finally is close to being done!  So happy to be a new moose in TNC with my new herd, word!

PAST TROUPES 2012-2013

Toasty, Chip, Primo, Dash, Xiva, Fraggle, Atlas, Lunar, Vespa, Nugget, Mac, Swayze, Tails, D!no, and Jazz