Check out Naveen’s piece for the Vanderbilt Political Review, Kush on Commons!

So, the first semester of your freshman year of college is almost over. What have you been involved in and is there anything you wished you would have done? 

While continuing activities from high school like volunteering (with code ignite at Vanderbilt), I ventured out to try new things like rowing, running for election with CLC, and writing for publications on campus (Political Review and Slant.) I’m happy that I finished the first semester without any regrets as I at least tried out everything I was interested in pursuing then stuck with activities I enjoyed the most.

How did you first begin writing, and why is it important to you? 

I began writing short screenplays for scripts through a program called Odyssey of the Mind. I liked having complete creative freedom in pursuing projects and often use writing as a commentary to discuss issues or funny things I run into on a daily basis. I decided to continue that through satirical pieces with The Slant and both humorous/analytical pieces with The Political Review. 
Your piece for the Vanderbilt Political Review titled “Kush on Commons” was just released. What was writing that like? 
It was great writing more of an investigative piece because I’m used to writing that with The Slant. I liked having to gather anonymous sources and was really happy how the weeks of investigating turned out. With the article, I’m really excited when people that I don’t know very well approach me about what I found in the article. At first I was a bit hesitant about pursuing topic of marijuana on the Commons but I was really supported by other writers and fellow classmates which caused me to eventually take the initiative to write it.
Can you tell us a bit more about the TV show script you’re working on outside of school? 
Two friends and I are writing the screenplay for a season of episodes, (relating to corporate espionage), and hope to eventually pitch the show to networks. While it’s still very much a work in progress we’re really excited to see where it might take us.
What are you majoring in or what are you interested in doing after college? 
I have pretty diverse interests from STEM to the humanities so in regards to a major I don’t have anything specific but will probably pursue interests in neuroscience and art history.