I’d hate a Muslim if I wasn’t one
If I didn’t know I’d say I’m punked
If I believed when they tell me
It’s a religion of peace
How am I do know if that peace means bringing a piece through my party and killing me and my 50 friends
If if I wasn’t Muslim I wouldn’t make amends
With the terrorists and their killing trends
I would, strap up pause for a second amending nothing except my aim
If I’m exceptional my friends and family are safe and I’m safe from blame
Cause I killed a terrorist cause of his Muslim name
Cause he killed my brother or his brother did some other
Man that looks like I, and this one looks like him
That outfit looks like a dress he must be Osama’s kin
If I wasn’t Muslim I would grab my gun
And chase down their beards while the muzzies run
If I wasn’t Muslim I wouldn’t understand
How Abrahams latest children claim the holy land
Satan stands tall in every mosque
They beat their women they stone their dogs
They kill and kill and kill and kill
And my country is here to foot the bill
But I am a Muslim So i do know.
I know the fear after the bodies grow cold
Victims interviewed and clearly shooken
They identify the killer, Muslim
My belly tightens
eyes are frightened
Thoughts surround my mind to spite it
I share that trait I must share them all
To hold my faith close is to build a wall
Between me and my classmates, friendships, often called
Through Facebook a terrorist, a conqueror, an Ostrigoth
Kind of wild and CNN reports on the monsters who look like me and fend for some set of beliefs thats never been explained to me
Ramadan is when the “Muslims” attacked the people
But Muslims fast on Ramadan that’s the message I’ve been keeping
The days are long with pray and praise and humble breathing
 If they’re taking lives, then the fast they’re leaving
And if they’re leaving fasts, and claim devout
Then it’s more than Islam that they’re here without
It’s common sense,
A murid would never act like this
A Muslim isn’t a terrorist those terrorists claim to be Muslim
I take responsibility for my faith
To spread tranquility and awareness refrain
From hearing me so many minds they shun
But if one listens to me then my minds made up
I explain on your angry Facebook posts that it’s not a battle of religions it’s a battle of militants
Of the perversion of my faith and the stoning of my prophets then
Who is left to stand and speak but me
To show you as plain as can be explained
That I want nothing but love and the same to all children of God who gain
Nothing from a massacre–shout louder
Nothing from the shootings the using of events to further agendas for power
Nothing to lose as some of my brothers choose to cower
But you deserve an explanation so I’ll raise my voice louder
I was taught
If they’re hungry feed them
If they’re cold clothe them
If they’re tired house them
If they’re begging give them
The path I take is mine alone.
I’d stand here with my eyes on all my goals
To make Allahs creation my home
And build my house up find my skills and hone
And love those around so I don’t die alone
All I want from the world is tolerance
Most of what I see is tolerance
To me that seems like common sense
But ignorance is bliss, whose fault is this
Often times my time is spent explaining my faith
Ambassador of Islam not a guardian of hate
I’d hate a Muslim if I wasn’t one
So I don’t blame you for not holding your tongue
I don’t blame you for being a sponge
To all the things you’ve heard in the media ___
If I wasn’t Muslim I wouldn’t believe a Muslim
If I wasn’t Muslim I would hate a Muslim
If I wasn’t Muslim I might kill a Muslim
But I am a Muslim and I fear for my life
My mothers regrets giving me a Muslim name Aly
She once told me my name was sweet like honey
The sunshine of her eyes now if I see someone look at me funny I’m running
Please don’t shoot sir, I’m not the one on TV
It wasn’t me on CNN, it’s not time to go hunting
Now she tells me don’t leave the house without shaving
Some idiot will shoot you thinking you’re terrorist praising
She said don’t make me lose my son
Don’t get caught on the front end of a gun
Talk right, stand up straight, don’t be late
Play your cards right and you won’t meet the same fate
As the three young boys who were murdered for their religion
You have heroes but they can’t exist without villains
If I wasn’t Muslim I might kill a Muslim
If I wasn’t Muslim I might hate a Muslim
I wonder if I had the choice would I be a Muslim?
Aly Lakhani