Looking to Join the Club?

No experience is required to participate in VURFC. In fact, a majority of our members have had little to no rugby experience prior to college. All Vanderbilt students looking to challenge themselves physically and mentally are welcome to attend practices and events.

Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM on the Rec fields and are open to all.

New players looking to make an immediate impact should focus on maintaining their bodies. VURFC has a proud tradition of turning raw athletes into star rugby players. Conditioning, lower body strength, and explosiveness are all extremely important in being physically ready for rugby.

Committment is also key to becoming a contributing member of our team. Attending practices regularly significantly improves one’s chances of seeing match time, and being able to impact the match.

For those interested in learning the game of rugby, feel free to check out some of the links below. Watching rugby (with good commentary) is one of the best ways to learn.

For an easy, written introductory guide, click here.

USA Rugby is the governing body for national, club, and collegiate Rugby played in America. They have both a 15s and 7s side, and have been supporting the growth of rugby in America for years.

Major League Rugby is recognized as the premiere level of rugby in the United States. There are 12 teams slated for the 2019 season, with more expansion coming.

The two men’s clubs in the Nashville area are the Nashville Rugby Football Club, and the Nashville Grizzlies.┬áBoth are committed to growing the sport in Nashville and Tennessee as a whole, and are great options for continuting to play rugby outside of VURFC’s season.