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Welcome to our blog page! I will post interesting topics and video clips on this page that will be of interest to you.

Here is a sample of a DVD, “Chen Village” produced by Empty Mind Films. This is a story that revolves around life in Chen Village, China and Chen Family Tai Chi. There are 3,000 residents in Chen Village (Chenjiagou) and 2,500 practice Tai Chi Chuan on a daily basis. Almost ninety percent of the residents bear the Chen surname. This feature length film looks very well produced and certainly brings back the wonderful memories from my trips to Chen Village with Professor Cravens and a CBII groups.  The film interviews followers from abroad that descend upon the village and how the Chen style and the generations of the Chen family have survived China’s turbulent history to make Chen style popular all over the world. A fact mainly attributed to 19th generation Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.


In Chenjiaguo (Chen Village) the CBII group that visited China in March 2012 is shown in this clip visiting the Temple area next to Chen Xiaoxing’s school.