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Welcome to Vanderbilt’s Community of Honor

Welcome to Vanderbilt’s Community of Honor

Vanderbilt’s Community of Honor interactive video training should be completed within your Visions Group or Transfer Group Brightspace course. You will receive an email notification in early August when the course is live.  

Dear Incoming Students,

Congratulations and welcome to Vanderbilt! Your acceptance into our prestigious University is an achievement to be proud of, and we look forward to you joining us! At Vanderbilt, your time will be filled with tremendous opportunities to grow as a student and individual, and you will have the ability to make significant societal impacts through learning, research, and global innovation.

The foundation of Vanderbilt’s intellectual prominence is established through the Honor System, which outlines a commitment to academic honesty and integrity. The Vanderbilt Honor Code is one of the school’s oldest and most revered traditions, and it governs all academic work completed by students within the University’s ten schools. The value of a Vanderbilt education is contingent on each student’s honesty and integrity. An integral branch of the Honor System is the student-run Undergraduate Honor Council. The Undergraduate Honor Council strives to preserve the communal trust created by the Honor Code, and to both educate the student body about the importance of academic integrity and hold accountable any individuals who violate the spirit of the Honor Code. As a new member of our Vanderbilt community, you share in the responsibility of upholding the policies of the Honor Code through personal accountability and cooperation. In doing so, you are part of maintaining the prestigious status our University holds.

All entering Vanderbilt students are required to watch the welcome video above and register their name at the end for completion. Other action steps you should take to be more informed about the Honor Code and academic life at Vanderbilt are included below.


Action Steps

To begin understanding your role in this community of trust, please complete these three action steps before the start of the semester.

  • Watch the video above entitled Welcome to Vanderbilt’s Community of Honor. Make sure you complete the video and submit your name at the end.
  • To learn more about the concept of academic integrity more broadly, we ask that you review The Pocket Guide to Academic Integrity.
  • To fulfill your responsibility of understanding the Honor Code, we encourage you to read about Vanderbilt’s Honor System in the Student Handbook, which can be found at You will also learn more about this time-honored tradition of trust during the Community Commitment Ceremony in August, where you will make your formal pledge to abide by the Honor Code.

Resources and Further Questions

Please take advantage of the below resources to understand more about the Honor Code. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Undergraduate Honor Council at