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Click here for an April 2019 Hustler article on current graduate unionization activity.


This PDF provides a list of potential pros and cons of unionization and more.

Updated 4-5-17


Questions in blue are questions submitted by Vanderbilt Graduate Students to the Graduate Student Council (GSC).  If you would also like to submit a questions please fill out this this short and anonymous survey.  After you submit your question please check our website for updates.  The Graduate Student Council is comprised of graduate student volunteers.  We will work diligently to address your questions in a timely manner.  

Questions in purple are questions that GSC has come up with to promote additional conversation about this topic.  Transparency is important to our organization’s culture which is why we have decided to color code the questions this way.

Speaking of transparency… Where does our information come from? We get information from research publications, news articles, and SEIU’s constitution.  We also get information from conversations with the Union Organizing Committee, graduate students, and faculty.  As necessary, we have reached out to both Vanderbilt’s legal counsel and SEIU’s legal counsel to make sure our facts are legally accurate.  GSC is maintaining a positive relationship with both the Union Organizing Committee and the VU administration.  It should be noted that we are independent from both groups.

This information has been complied by fellow graduate students.  We are human and also working on PhDs.  If you find an error please kindly report it to us at so we can fix it.  


See Graduate Student Organizations/Groups for information on the Graduate Workers United group under “Advocacy/Graduate Resources”.