Class Descriptions

Hip Hop

Based on street dance and video/commercial dance, hip hop combines lyrical jazz, artistic interpretation and hip hop dance. Focus is placed mostly on style and loosely on technique.

Suggested dress code is tennis shoes and sweatpants or shorts. Dance clothes work as well.



Beginning: Suitable for the Beginning level dancer with basic or no background in Ballet. A faster pace than ballet basics but still taught with the Beginner in mind. Students will learn Barre and Center work with introduction to jumps, leaps, and turns

Intermediate: Mid-level class for students with previous training.

Advanced: Intense muscular workout – considerable experience a must.

Pointe: Designed for students in the Int/Adv level classes.


Beginning: Introduction to the basic skills and terminology of modern dance. Focus on control, center, breathing, balance, strength and musicality.

Intermediate: Designed for the dancer who has some basic dance technique and language, developing a further understanding of the body center and control.

Intermediate/Advanced: Designed for experienced dancers, refining and articulating modern dance principals.


A syncopated movement dance style that is exhilarating and great fun for all ages.

Beginning: Basic techniques of tap.

Intermediate: Designed for students with solid knowledge of tap technique.

Advanced / Performance: Preparation for concert piece. Must be enrolled in Intermediate Tap and attend every class.



Open: Chinese martial art practiced for both defense and health benefits. Often characterized by relatively slower movements.