Welcome to the Vanderbilt Dance Program


The Vanderbilt Dance Program provides a curriculum of dance classes in all areas and levels of expertise. We offer classes in Ballet, Contemporary Modern, Hip-Hop, Pointe, Tai Chi and Tap.  Instructors are extremely experienced and encourage students to reach their highest potential. Each class presents opportunities for students to enjoy the physical benefits of dance education as well as artistic, intellectual, and creative growth. We also host master classes, workshops and residencies with local and national dance professionals.

Each semester for 12 weeks, we offer dance classes of all styles and levels. Registration is open to Vanderbilt students and alumni, faculty/staff, and Nashville community dancers 18 years of age and older.  The dance studios are located off the north lobby of Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym The program offers live accompaniment with excellent musicians for some modern and ballet classes.

Mission Statement:
The Vanderbilt Dance Program promotes education, artistic development, cultural enrichment, and intellectual growth in the field of dance for the Vanderbilt University and Nashville communities. Through professional instruction the program also develops and fosters opportunities in the performing arts for creative exchange, social enhancement and physical well-being.  Prospective Vanderbilt University students please note:  Vanderbilt Dance Program offers the highest quality of instruction possible and is a co-curricular program rather than a minor or major academic department.

Fall 2018 – Fall classes will begin Monday, September 10, 2018.

Instead of registering for a class, we are offering a dance pass system.   Dance passes are a great way to get to know our instructors and for you to find the right style or technique class for you. Purchase your pass through the Vanderbilt PACE registration site at https://vupace.vanderbilt.edu. You’ll receive your pass at our check in table in Memorial Gym. Try out all the classes that fit your experience level, try a new style of dance, or commit to a class that fits your schedule the best. Just bring your pass and your ID to every class to check in at our desk.

Please note: passes are not transferrable, non-refundable, and never expire. Lost passes cannot be replaced. 

Single Class Pass – $15.00                        Six Class Pass – $78.00                      Twelve Class Pass – $144.00

                      Twenty-Four Class Pass – $240.00                  Thirty-Six Class Pass – $360.00

For assistance please contact david.f.heustess@vanderbilt.edu or phone 615-343-0491


Where are the dance classes held?
Our dance Studios are located inside Memorial gym, 210 25th Ave S. Our entrance is located on the side nearest 2525 West End Ave across from the parking garage. 
Summer 2017 – The Vanderbilt Dance Program is not offering summer dance classes. But we are using the time to prepare for fall, spring and summer classes of 2017/18.  Fall 2017 – Registration for fall classes will open in late July and our fall classes will begin in September. Your patience is appreciated as we switch to a new registration system and a new dance pass system for the upcoming year.

Where do I park?
Metered parking on West End Ave, free (very limited) parking at Centennial Park, and (our favorite choice garage parking in the 2525 Garage behind PF Changs; you can get your parking pass validated for 2 free hours when making a purchase at Starbucks or any other shop in the strip including the Bookstore.. A map and more details are under About the Program at Directions and Parking.

Do I have to be a Vanderbilt student to take classes?
No. Vanderbilt Dance Program is open to students, alumni, staff, faculty, and community members that are 18 and older.

Do I have to be a dance major or minor to take classes? What if I have no prior experience at all?
Our classes are open to all levels of experience. There is not a dance major or minor at Vanderbilt. Te Vanderbilt Dance Program  is a community education program, so there is no academic credit associated with it. Our beginner level classes are suitable for people who have never taken a dance class in their life. It’s a great opportunity to try something new!

How old are most of the students dancing in the program?
The minimum age is 18 years old. We have students ranging from 18 through retirement age in our classes. Most range between 18-35, which means you can take a beginner level class with zero prior experience and be with other adults interested in learning to dance.

Do I have to register for the whole semester of classes or can I drop in here and there?
We sell passes that allow you to participate in a variety of classes or for you to commit to the class that best fits your schedule. Purchase any level of pass on line and then come to the dance studios and receive your pass plus check in before class. You may purchase a pass at any time from the PACE registration system at https://vupace.vanderbilt.edu

What level of dance classes do you have?
We offer Beginning through Advanced levels of classes in most styles and techniques. Check the Fall/Spring Class Schedule for specific classes of the semester.

What level am I? What if I haven’t taken a dance class in a number of years?
Use your best judgment to determine your placement. If you have prior experience from earlier in life, you will find that some of the movements and names come back quickly and some don’t. Keep in mind that technique declines without practice. Feel free to try out multiple levels before deciding which class is best for you.  Remember, your pass allows you to take any class on our schedule. 

Who are the dancers in the program?
VDP have a wide range of dancers in our program from people who always wanted to take dance but never had the chance to working professional dancers. Our students are in class because they want to be there and want to learn and improve as dancers as well as have fun in dance class without the pressure of grades.  Our instructors are all professional dancers, many of them with bachelor or masters degrees in dance.  Many of them are active in the Nashville community and through the Southeast as dancers and choreographers while others have had solo careers in other parts of the country before moving to Nashville.

For other questions an more information please contact david.f.heustess@vanderbilt.edu or phone 615-343-0491

Studios A, B, and C Location: Vanderbilt Dance Program classes are held in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym. Walk down 25th Avenue. You’re looking for the walkway between the side of the gym (a large brick building) and the Kensington parking garage. If you see the gym doors facing 25th Avenue, walk to the right following the building and you should see the parking garage. Follow the path so the gym is on your left and the parking garage is on your right. Walk until the last set of doors on the gym (near the football field), which is the entrance to the dance studios. You will see a table set up in the lobby with desk attendants to sign you in for class, take your payment and/or registration as applicable, and answer any questions.


1. Park in metered spaces along West End.
2. Park at Centennial Park.
3. Pay for parking in the 2525 Garage, use entrance on 26th Avenue South. Details below. Make a purchase at one of the shops or bookstore for 2 hours free parking.